Martell Holt Doesn’t Help to Dispel Cheating Rumors About Marsau Scott

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Martell Holt was the first person to accuse Marsau Scott on LAMH.

Martell Holt’s longtime affair has been a hot topic on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” since Season 1. However, Martell wasn’t feeling it when Marsau Scott joked about the situation on the show. So he decided to get even by accusing Marsau of cheating on LaTisha Scott. And he also accused Marsau of messing around with “20 different women.” The accusations caused a ripple effect on LaTisha’s friendship with Melody Holt. When she confronted Melody about what was alleged, LaTisha wanted to know if the rumor was true. Melody told her to go see what Marsau is up to when he’s out at night. LaTisha got upset. She then accused Martell of getting his longtime mistress a matching BMW.

Well, Melody had more to say on Twitter. She said she allegedly knows one of the women that Marsau cheated with. Since then, it’s been hard for Melody and LaTisha to come back from this. Their attempts at moving on weren’t successful. And Melody was completely done after LaTisha accused her of trying to destroy the marriage.

Interestingly enough, Martell didn’t do much to help dispel the allegations. During his appearance on “The Nightcap with Carlos King,” he made some interesting comments about LaTisha and Marsau. And some fans feel he was messy.

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  1. Oh look, Martell hinting that Marsau cheats and Carlos seemingly agrees and laughs but LaTisha and the fans will continue to only have smoke for Melody. ????

  2. Now if Melody did this, the fake outrage would be all over the place. Double standards are a trip.

  3. Is this why Martel and Marsau were fighting on Melody’s live? God, I need to get a life, I am spending too much time on this mess.

  4. Melody is still healing; Martell salty because it appears Melody is winning. Please leave Tisha and Marsau alone; she knows he cheats. Her lack of confidence in herself allow her to play victim. Instead, of being upset with Mel, you should follow some of her moves and learn to be more than just a house wife. I might not agree with most of Wanda moves. But one thing for sure she don’t put up with the BS from a man. Destiny stop trying to be Mel’s friend; give her space. You need to heal as well. Stormi, need to tone down the body guard. You come across ugly inside and you need to be beautiful inside to make up in other areas. Yes, I applaud her success, but you pal Mel is not that innocent. She stir the pot among the ladies. Kimmi is becoming a bit messy; the Scott brothers appear successful but to what cost to wife feelings. Before the final season, it won’t be just Mel & Destiny divorced.

  5. Well a lot remains to be seen in future episode. The big one for me is are there receipts for Katie had husband cheating????? The other is can and will Melony and Martell I’ll let you all finish that question

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