NeNe Leakes Responds After She’s Accused of Stealing A Husband

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NeNe Leakes was accused of destroying a marriage.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum NeNe Leakes made the headlines the other day. She’s been a hot topic due to her latest romance. While it’s been said that she found love with Nyonisela Sioh, some people have been critical. They don’t think it was a good look for her to go public with her current boo just months after Gregg Leakes’ death. “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes said that she didn’t think NeNe should post the man on her social media accounts. And it would have been better for NeNe to be more discrete about the relationship. Regardless, NeNe hasn’t allowed any of the outside opinions to change how she’s been moving. This may have led to a lawsuit.

Hours ago, it was revealed that NeNe is currently being sued by a woman who claims she was married to Nyonisela when he started his romance with NeNe. And since Nyonisela is a businessman from Charlotte, the lawsuit was filed in the state of North Carolina. North Carolina is one of 7 states where people can sue for alienation of affection.

So Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh is blaming NeNe for the destruction of her marriage. And she reportedly wants a minimum of $100,000.

The report had a lot of people talking on social media and pointing out that one of NeNe’s most iconic lines came from the time she told Kim Zolciak to keep her legs closed “to married men.”

Interestingly enough, NeNe responded to the accusations on social media.

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  1. Not Ms Close your legs to married men playing with someone’s LEGAL husband like its cute. I have said it before and I will say it again, she needs to take a step back FROM EVERYTHING to process all the life changes she’s been dealing with because this ain’t it.

  2. Well is this woman telling the truth or what but Nene at least should of waited to date someone else but that is her business hate to hear this is happening to her hope God work it out for her

  3. Fantasia got sued for the same thing years ago but did either of these women know about wives?
    I think it’s a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ with a lot of men because it doesn’t matter to them.

  4. I heard this rumor about NeNe seeing a married man right after Greg passed. It was also said that this man married and living with his family in North Carolina. It was said that his wife found out about them after NeNe posted on her IG page and she was devastated. Now it’s all playing out seem like it.

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