‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Calls out Malaysia Pargo

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Jennifer Williams and Malaysia Pargo’s truce was short-lived.

Basketball Wives” star Malaysia Pargo was hoping she wouldn’t have to address her fallout with Brandi Maxiell on the show. However, Brandi’s return to the show has made that impossible. In fact, Brandi and Malaysia came face to face at Jackie Christie’s latest wedding. It went left quickly. Brandi asked Malaysia if she knew that her father had passed. Malaysia said she had no idea. However, Brandi wasn’t buying this. And she said that Malaysia had to know because they have mutual friends. Malaysia denied this. She said that she wouldn’t be petty about someone’s death. Malaysia and Brandi haven’t spoken in three years. So it shouldn’t be expected for her to know what’s going on in Brandi’s life.

Since Brandi wasn’t trying to hear what Malaysia had to say, nothing has been resolved between them. So things get really tense when they see each other.

DJ Duffey decided to put together a dating event for the single ladies in the group. Malaysia showed up with Zell Swag. And Zell offered a shady apology to Jennifer Williams. Years ago, he came on the show and accused Jennifer of having bad breath.

So Jennifer felt like Malaysia invited Zell to be messy. And saying this only led to another blowup between Brandi and Malaysia.

Well, Jennifer has clearly backed off from her truce with Malaysia. And she came for her recently on social media.

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  1. I seriously don’t understand why Jennifer just sits there and lets Zell play in her face but has such bold energy on Twitter for Malaysia.

  2. These ladies are still groveling for a check and fighting for position…..Surprised the show is still on don’t watch won’t watch

  3. Only on Twitter, Jennifer is scary so I don’t know why she’s posting on Twitter. Trying to get more viewers. All the shows are doing the same thing with icing out people. This shouldn’t be allowed. This is work this is a job. If you don’t show up to your job you get fired, simple as that.

  4. ZELL is a complete a-s hole and the B brought him there just to start some sh-t. That B knew exactly what she was doing…a WATTS B at its finest.

  5. I’m going to just use my context clues here and assume Malaysia didn’t bring Zell for Jennifer, she brought him for Brandi because Brandi has told a lie or two. She pretended to have an issue with Zell on the last episode, but she had been sending him DMs about hanging out. Jennifer wasn’t a thought I don’t think. And why can’t Jennifer read Zell one good time? I don’t like how she just sits and lets people disrespect her all the time. I want her to grow a backbone.

    1. Exactly! Jennifer as proven to be wishy-washy and hypocritical, willing to carry someone else’s water. When she and Evelyn were inseparable, she was all for Ev’s aggressive behavior toward others, on the side line cheering. When Jennifer became the target of her wrath, she wanted to end bullying. There is no reason for Jennifer to throw shade at Malaysia other than to remain relevant with Brandi and use this opportunity to get back at Malaysia. I am curious to know what and when did Malaysia display in her behavior that she relies on anyone to fight her battles? Jennifer and Brandi should get on just well! they both are messy haters.

  6. It seems every body punks JW Zell should not be in that being a bully. Brandi should have stayed off they all seem to kiss Shaunie’s butt and she knows it and Malaysia is like fake the table throw was weak af

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