‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Brooke & Nia Clash + Roccstar Embarrasses Angel at Gender Reveal?

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Jennifer meets a prospect at the dating event.

DJ Duffey’s dating event is almost ruined after Malaysia and Brandi nearly come to blows. However, the group decides to push through after Malaysia and Zell leave. Jennifer ends up meeting a man she thinks she could end up liking. And they agree to get to know each other outside of all of the madness. 

Meanwhile, Brittish is still going off on Jackie for inviting Lorenzo there. Regardless, Jackie says she still wants them to get back together. She has no regrets about her actions. 

Jennifer’s date goes well. 

Duffey and Angel hang out. And Angel surprises Duffey when she tells her she still hasn’t told her mother that she’s pregnant. In a green screen interview, Duffey says it’s no way that Angel was too busy to tell her. So she may have an issue because of who she is having a baby with. 

Jennifer goes out with Jelani, the man she met at Duffey’s dating event. He tells her he was looking forward to seeing her again. Jelani doesn’t have any kids but he’s open to it if he finds a life partner. As for Jennifer, she goes back and forth about becoming a mother. And it’s been hard for her after losing her dog Gia. She was the most consistent thing in Jennifer’s life. For Jennifer, Gia was like her child. 

In a green screen interview, Jennifer says she really likes that Jelani said he’s very close to the dogs he has. 

They plan to see each other again after their first date goes well.

It doesn’t seem as if Angel’s mom is happy about the baby on the way.

Angel tells Jackie that she got around to telling her mom she’s pregnant. Unfortunately, her mother wasn’t excited. She’s not even sure that she’s going to the gender reveal. Although Angel breaks down in tears, Jackie tells her it would be best for her to remain optimistic. Her mother may end up showing up. 

Jackie goes by Brittish’s place. Brittish tells Jackie that she was wrong to invite Lorenzo to the dating event. And she needs to understand that Lorenzo hasn’t changed. He’s still disrespectful. So he isn’t someone she wants to be with anymore. 

Jackie apologizes. And she recognizes that she can be pushy about her friends’ love lives because she wants them to find their soulmates since she found hers. 

Angel’s mom comes through. 

It’s the day of Angel and Roccstar’s gender reveal. Brooke is happy to hear that Jennifer’s date with Jelani went well. Turns out, she’s the one who brought Jelani to the event. And she thought they’d be a good match. 

Malaysia and Brandi show up. To avoid having another blowup at the event, they decide to just not speak. 

Angel’s mom does arrive at the gender reveal. She says she doesn’t really know Roccstar like that. So she’s not sure how to feel. But she is worried because this will be Angel’s third child. She doesn’t want things to become too stressful in her daughter’s life.

However, things seem to become smoother after her mom meets Roccstar’s father and she has more time to talk to Roccstar. 

Another promise ring?

Through a helicopter and synchronized swimmers, Angel and Roccstar find out they are having a boy. Angel is shocked but Roccstar thought they were having a boy all along. 

Ne-yo comes out to sing and everyone enjoys his performance, especially Angel since he’s one of her favorite artists. 

The night becomes even bigger because it seems as if Roccstar is about to propose. However, he gives Angel another promise ring. Apparently, this is the third one. This confuses the other women. And Angel admits to them later that she thought it was a proposal as well. But he always buys her jewelry. She’s focused on the fact that he let everyone know how much he loved her on their big day.

Brooke calls out Nia.

Meanwhile, Brooke discovers that Nia reposted a meme on her Instagram Story that said she can’t wait to come to the “baby shower” so she can eat out of wedlock baby shower food. 

When Brooke confronts Nia about this, Nia said it was just a joke. And Brooke can be upset if she wants to. She doesn’t care. 

Duffey isn’t feeling this. So she brings Roccstar to handle Nia. And they show him the post. He says he can’t believe Nia would post this. But she’s unmoved and reminds everyone she became a mother before marriage, too. She doesn’t see the big deal. It wasn’t serious. 

After Roccstar leaves, Nia tells Brooke she doesn’t care how she feels about the post. They eventually end up going back and forth. Brooke stands up as if she’s ready to throw down. And Nia is ready for whatever. Luckily, cooler heads prevail. And Duffey and Brandi pull Brooke away to prevent the event from going left. 

They end up telling Angel what was posted. She’s disappointed. And she has Nia and Noria put out. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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    1. Neither does most of this cast which is why they are making this stupid meme into a beef. Brooke and Brandi are annoying.

  1. This episode annoyed me. Roccstar literally is stressing out Angel and giving her a third promise ring at the gender reveal, but these women chose to gang up on Nia instead for posting a silly meme that was meant to be a joke. The same meme posted on IG and Twitter every day that everyone just laughs at and doesn’t take seriously. Sad to see women once again be harder on each other than the men who cause pain and stress in their lives. Brandi has way more anger for Malaysia than that cheating and disrespectful husband of hers. I can’t stand misogyny.

  2. Exactly Shannon and if the out of wedlock meme offended Roccstar and Angel so much, why on earth won’t he just propose and stop buying her promise rings? This is how I know Angel was lying when she said she wasn’t mad it wasn’t a proposal. She was seething and instead of being honest, her and the others made Nia the scapegoat. They really fight over the dumbest sh-t honestly. Weird a-s season.

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