Drew Sidora Drags Sanya Richards-Ross + Sanya Claps Back

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Sanya Richards-Ross and Drew Sidora’s friendship withered away quickly on RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Sanya Richards-Ross is already having an eventful first season. On the latest episode, the ladies continued their time in New York. The plan was for everyone to go see Kandi Burruss’ latest Broadway show, “Thoughts of a Colored Man.” Before they even left Atlanta, Sanya was beginning to side-eye Drew Sidora. She watched as Drew clashed with Sheree Whitfield. Drew’s assistant Anthony claimed that Sheree didn’t pay him when he was her assistant. However, Sheree said he never worked for her. And she was turned off by Anthony gossiping to her about Drew and Ralph Pittman. In fact, she accused Anthony of accusing Ralph of being gay.

Drew wasn’t feeling this. So she went off on Sheree and Sheree’s friend for bringing this up while the group was out having dinner. To no surprise, Sheree and Drew’s issues were discussed during the New York trip. Kenya Moore and Kandi expressed that they felt Drew was mad at the wrong person. And the only person she has a bone to pick with is Anthony.

So Drew apologized to Sheree. But it still seemed as if she didn’t really believe that Anthony called Ralph gay.

Sanya looked on and came to the conclusion that Drew is moving in a way she just doesn’t like. So she vented about this to the other ladies. And she decided to confront Drew about everything while they were all together. Drew was caught off-guard. She questioned why Sanya couldn’t tell her what she felt in private since they are actually friends. This led to Sanya backing off from the conversation. It seemed as if she planned to drop it until a later time.

Well, things have worsened between Drew and Sanya. The ladies even had a nasty exchange recently on social media.

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  1. Scripted, fake or not, she definitely called Drew to pick her up after she got in that car accident. So Drew was owed a private conversation. And whatever Drew had going on with Sheree didn’t warrant Sanya throwing her under the bus so fast.

  2. Sanya looks like a flop flopper who wanted an easy target to secure her second season ????????‍♀️

  3. Sanya needs to stop the fake sh-t. She wanted to stop being cool with Drew as soon as she saw that the vets don’t like Drew like that.

    1. I am with all on dat now all of out of nowhere u start throwing shade at drew really Sanya I thought you was cool with her now that the other ladies saying this and that about her now u want to be with the end crowd

  4. Sanya is being a follower and she’ll be a one season peach if she keeps talking about how manufactured the show is. Very unprofessional and unwise considering Bravo doesn’t mind firing newbies with the quickness.

  5. I respect Sanya as an athlete but this isn’t a good look. Something tells me producers won’t like these comments she’s been making either.

  6. Umm I could have sworn I saw pictures of Sanya and Drew hanging out a week ago. Kenya needs to be careful with Sanya. She seems very fake and opportunistic.

  7. Drew is annoying but Sanya really is starting a beef for no reason. Drew didn’t do anything to her.

  8. Sanya came for Drew in her first confessional.Sanya is trying to get in good with the POPULAR girls…they not friends but the WINCH wasted no time calling Drew when she was in the car crash…Sanya FAKE and HOPEFULLY a one season peach holder…she brings NOTHING to the show….take your 4 gold and 1 bronze and GO AWAY!!!!!

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