Phaedra Parks Shades RHOA’s Ratings + Ratings Are Back on the Rise

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Phaedra Parks continues to be a controversial figure for the RHOA fandom.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Phaedra Parks hasn’t been on the show in years. However, most fans will never forget her controversial departure. After Phaedra fell out with Kandi Burruss, she became closer to Porsha Williams. Tensions worsened and the back and forth began. Phaedra said she didn’t like that Kandi told the others she didn’t seem too distraught about her divorce from Apollo Nida. So she didn’t understand why Phaedra was mad that she and Todd Tucker held some of Apollo’s items at their house. Kandi told the others that when they decided to hold the items, Phaedra had already moved on to another man.

In response to this, Phaedra said she heard that Kandi and Todd were hooking up with Shamea Morton. And eventually, it was revealed that Phaedra told Porsha that she heard that Todd and Kandi told people they wanted to drug Porsha. Then they would have their way with her in their “s*x dungeon.”

Kandi was devasted by the lies told. And as a result of the severity of the situation, Phaedra was pushed off of the show. Andy Cohen said they had no choice but to let Phaedra go because none of the other cast members wanted to film with her.

Fast forward to now, some fans are calling for Phaedra’s return. However, Kandi has already said she’ll leave the show if that day ever comes. And Bravo continues to rock with Kandi while fans can catch Phaedra on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.”

Interestingly enough, Phaedra recently shaded RHOA’s ratings for the current season. But the ratings have actually ticked up.

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  1. Ugh, I really think Phaedra was overrated and overhyped for years because people hate Kenya more than they actually like Phaedra. The last time we saw her was at the reunion where she lacked wit, decent comebacks, and looked like a deer in headlights the majority of the time she was asked questions. She was also a complete bore on Marriage Boot Camp and BFV. I don’t know what people think she’s going to do if Bravo ever brings her back because she’s not going to be as entertaining as they deluded themselves to think she was several years ago. I get the argument about NeNe coming back. But Porsha and Phaedra aren’t that great. They just benefited from Kenya’s haters.

  2. I’m confused as to how she can sit there and shade the ratings when RHOA still has more viewers than Marriage Boot Camp and RHUGT, the last two shows she’s been on. If Bravo wanted her back, she’d go back to RHOA in a heartbeat. Let’s be honest, RHOA is still the much better paycheck.

  3. I enjoyed Phaedra back when she was on RHOA but I don’t like how dark she turned with Kandi. Her response was way too much and downright evil. I question what other horrible things she’s done to other people.

  4. Porsha, NeNe, and Phaedra are all throwing their little shade at the ratings when every single one of them wants to be back on the show. Porsha only left because she was too afraid of being dragged about the Simon and Falynn nonsense. She’ll be back next season when she thinks it’s old news. NeNe got herself banned because her ego got way out of control. And Phaedra is gone because she showed Bravo that she’s a huge liability. So the best she can do is RHUGT. Sad to see all 3 be where they are now because they used to be my favorites. The fall from grace is hard to watch.

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