‘Married to Medicine’ Star Quad Webb Responds to the Latest Rumor

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

There isn’t any truth to the latest rumor, according to Quad Webb.

Quad Webb was demoted to a friend of the show on the previous season of “Married to Medicine.” Some of the other cast members complained that it seemed as if Quad didn’t want to show that much of her personal life. And since Mariah Huq was ousted, they didn’t see why Quad needed to remain a main cast member.

Well, Quad went on to have a very eventful season. She got into it with Toya Bush-Harris because Toya called her townhouse “a small a*s apartment.” This was said while she and Dr. Simone Whitmore discussed Quad’s future on the show. In their opinion at the time, Quad didn’t deserve to be a main cast member. Toya complained that Quad didn’t want to show that much of her personal life. And she only wanted to film scenes with Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

Regardless of some of the criticism, Quad believes she proved her importance to the show during Season 8. And ratings proved it.

She was bumped back up to a main cast member for Season 9.  In the trailer that was recently released, Quad says there’s a rumor going around that accused one of the ladies of sleeping around. However, in another scene, Simone said it was rumored that Quad slept with her contractor. Quad bought her dream home not too long ago.

One of Quad’s supporters brought up the rumor on Instagram. They wrote, “Quad is single. Does it matter who she did or didn’t sleep with?”

In response to this, Quad wrote, “Any lie they can put on me they will, but I’m about to have a good time with this one!!! ????????”

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  1. This type of superficial thinking is why we as a people still struggle to get off the plantations in our minds. Maybe we have progressed from the fields to the house, but we still reside on mental plantations. As for what a single woman does or does not do is really her businesses and her business only. And unless those that are running their mouths are willing to first air their dirty laundry, which they all have, they need to just STFU! Atlanta is full of fake ‘I have arrived nowhere’ Black folks who struggle just like everyone they look down on to maintain their image and survive.

  2. I have not watched this show in forever. I’m glad the show is doing well, even though it stop being my cup of tea. Quad still not married with medicine, I wont comment on the rest of the cast, sad! But apparently she brings ratings.As far as people being concerned about Quads personal life, this is rather common as far as I can tell. The vlogs/independent blogs are the worst and famously with drag rumors. There are dedicated video logs of just ripping people who are single for sleeping with whomever. People have their whole YouTube dedicated to this foolary, but in the same breath speak of injustice and protect the black woman. OKAY weirdos. Case and point, Porsha. I don’t need to go into my point with Porsha, check the vlogs. And some of them say is fun shade, but there is nothing fun or funny about being vicious and bulling towards people,e.g. tisa tells and similar. Sadly, people just eat it up and if a person goes against this then your the weird one who is mean. Okay narcissist, lol Anyway, this is the culture, especially in the black entertainment world,
    I have come to accept but gladly tune out and move on. Good for Quad for not letting it get to her though

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