Marlo Hampton Responds to Backlash Over Comments About Kandi Burruss & Kenya Moore

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Marlo Hampton has been coming for Kandi Burruss a lot as of late.

Marlo Hampton has been very critical of Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore. However, her comments about Kandi have been causing plenty of discussions on social media. When she appeared on “Reality with The King,” she told Carlos King that she didn’t feel like Kandi has done enough for the Black culture. She also said that Kandi has been “coasting” on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” So her intention is to make Kandi “work for that check” since she makes more money than Marlo.

When Kandi was asked about this, it was clear that Marlo’s words had upset her. Kandi pointed out all of the things she’s done for the Black community over the years. This included paying college tuition for strangers. Kandi also said that she has done a lot for Marlo. She advocated for Marlo to get a peach. Plus, she was the one who secured Marlo a television show on another network. However, Marlo didn’t take the opportunity seriously. And she preferred being a friend on RHOA.

Well, Kandi also reacted to Marlo’s comments about her and Kenya on Twitter. On the recent episode, Marlo told Sheree Whitfield that Kenya is just a video ***. She also called Kandi a ***. And she said that Kandi had to date men under her tax bracket because she couldn’t keep the more successful men interested. Sheree agreed.

Marlo Hampton responded when fans said she crossed the line.

In a tweet, Kandi wrote, “Someone is worried about my anatomy and sexual history more than my gynecologist this season #RHOA.” And Marlo responded, “I feel you sis, they been doing it to me for 10+ years, let em hate #rhoa.”

Kandi continued, “If someone shows you who they are believe them…because they talking about me more than they talking about their own stories and businesses. #RHOA”

Kenya also had something to say, “When people pretend to be your friend and kill you behind your back for no reason at all other than jealousy. #ICUandSodoestheWorld #RHOA”

As for Kandi, she told fans to keep watching because Marlo will continue to come for her as the season progresses, “Keep watching this season because the lady with the heavy tongue keeps my name in her mouth! #RHOA”

Marlo believes that she is keeping the show interesting, “Keep watching because the lady with the heavy tongue is keeping everybody storyline juicy and paychecks coming in! #rhoa”

She also had something to say to those who feel she went too far by calling the other ladies ****, “Where y’all been the past 10 years when I’ve been called every negative name in the book except a child of God? #rhoa”



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  1. I will not feel sorry for Marlo if Kenya and Kandi drag her at the reunion and no longer film with her. Coming at people unprovoked for a storyline is a desperate and despicable thing to do.

  2. Marlo does the most because RHOA is probably the biggest check she has. Kandi can’t relate and neither can Kenya so they aren’t desperate and creating beefs out of nothing for screen time. Marlo thinks she’s helping the show but she’s actually hurting it. Fans don’t like forced beefs. That’s why Sanya is getting dragged.

  3. I truly don’t understand the Kandi hate at all. All this talk about her taking it easy and coasting is nonsense. She’s been disrespected more than any Atlanta housewife. What people want is for her to be like Marlo and cause problems with people for a check but she’s too wealthy to ever be that desperate. Marlo is the kind of woman you don’t befriend in real life. She’s mean spirited and loyal to no one. She’s also jealous of those who are doing better than her. Kandi is a real friend and a good person you want in your corner. People like Marlo do nothing but cause harm and problems for the people they are “friends” with. I question how she even has fans. But then again people stan Phaedra’s evil a-s. So morals ain’t necessarily high in this fan base.

  4. Never thought I’d see the day where I’d prefer Drew, Kandi, Kenya, and Cynthia over NeNe, Marlo, Porsha, and Phaedra. Whew what happened to me?

  5. Notice that on the black housewives shows, working for the check equates to being unnecessarily vicious and stabbing each other in the backs to advance. When will black women wake up?

  6. This Kandi and Marlo situation just reminds me how jealous some people can be. It really reminds me to keep my circle small and be careful who I call a friend. I can’t imagine doing multiple things to help someone just for them to turn on me for a check like Marlo did. I also side eye anyone who thinks what Marlo did is okay. You’re not trustworthy if you don’t see the issue here.

  7. Marlo needs to shut her fake a-s up. I haven’t liked her since she turned on NeNe to get in good with Kenya years ago. She doesn’t know sh-t about loyalty. And she’ll turn on someone with the quickness if she thinks it will help her on RHOA.

  8. I am just so sick of Marlo and her evil wicked low- down dirty ways. I never cared for her personal, day one she was trouble. If you ask me personally she not use to anything always naming name brand clothes. What other experience she has besides being messy low- down and a backstabber. She has nothing on Kandi, she need the check Kandi don’t.

  9. I cant stand Marlo,she is dirty, will do and say anything for a check.She’s the biggest H** on the show. Thats how she makes her money, with old white men.
    I pray she does not return next season. I do not like her on the show at all,she brings nothing to the show, but lies. Please dont bring Marlo back next season.

  10. Marlo has been low-down evil wicked and jealous of all the women from day one. Marlo is mad and upset because Kandi don’t stoop to her level. Kandi is a professional woman that don’t have to brag about what she has. Marlo is not a friend to herself so what do the women really expect from someone like her. All the money in the world ???? couldn’t get me to be like Marlo the things people do for money, Marlo can’t catch up with Kandi making money even if she really tried. Marlo is fake in everything. Sleeping with old rich men to get money please she is no where near getting money like Kandi. Grow up Marlo seriously.

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