Todd Tucker Speaks Out After Marlo Hampton & Sheree Whitfield Come for Kandi Burruss

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Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield have been coming for Kandi Burruss.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss didn’t anticipate that she’d be Marlo Hampton’s target during the current season. In fact, she played a role in Marlo securing a peach. Regardless, Marlo doesn’t feel like she owes Kandi any loyalty. While she appeared on Carlos King’s podcast, she went all the way in. She accused Kandi of coasting throughout the seasons. In her opinion, Kandi hasn’t worked hard enough to make the money she makes from the show. And Marlo’s plan was to make Kandi “work for the check.” She also went on to accuse Kandi of not doing anything for the “Black culture.”

These comments were shocking for Kandi. But it was very clear that she was angry that Marlo would say these things considering the things she’s done for Marlo in the past. So when Kandi clapped back, she confirmed that she even got Marlo a reality show years ago. However, Marlo messed up the opportunity because she wanted to be a friend on RHOA.

Kandi also reminded people that she is the most charitable Atlanta housewife. She puts her businesses in black communities so she can bring jobs to her people. She’s done charity events on the show. Plus, she pays college tuition for complete strangers. So at this point, Kandi is done with Marlo. And it’s likely that she’s going to have a lot to say to Marlo at the reunion.

Sheree Whitfield has also been critical of Kandi as of late. When she appeared on “Reality with The King,” she said that she thought Kandi has too much power on RHOA. And Phaedra should come back to the show. Sheree also agreed when Marlo called both Kandi and Kenya Moore ****.

Interestingly enough, Kandi may not be the only one who has a bone to pick with Sheree and Marlo. Her husband Todd Tucker made his feelings clear in a recent interview.

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  1. I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t really catch how jealous the other women are of Kandi until now. They really hate how successful she is. And it’s weird that they try to come for Todd about money when he was actually making more money than them and the men they dealt with before he even married Kandi. Todd was making six figures as a producer. He’s far from a bum. His ambition actually made Kandi wealthier. You have to put some respect on his name.

  2. I know Todd wanted to drag both but he did the right thing keeping it classy. Let Marlo and Sheree roll around in the mud by themselves.

  3. Todd’s answer was on point. Sheree and Marlo are very jealous of Kandi. They wish they were in her position and they can’t stand to see Bravo ride for her as hard as they do.

  4. I’m definitely Team Kandi in this situation. She didn’t do anything to Sheree or Marlo for them to be this pressed.

  5. The majority of the women have always been jealous of Kandi and I think it’s mainly due to her success because what is it that she does? She tries so hard to stay outta people’s business and always try to be the voice of reason and if she slips and does something outta pocket at least she admits it; Marlo and Sheree are trying too hard and it shows! And FYI they better not come for Todd!

  6. Yeah, it’s definitely jealousy at play. I remember when Sheree turned on NeNe back in the first couple of seasons because she was jealous that NeNe became the breakout star. Sheree really thought she was the IT girl but people gravitated to NeNe much more.

  7. Jealousy and envy. That’s all it is. It only makes them look so stupid. ????????‍♀️ And Kandi is right, when it comes to Sheree, it’s giving played. She only been back for two seconds and jumping on a bandwagon. ????

  8. Very well said todd! I knew Marlo had a foul mouth but just seeing it is pretty vile and disgusting. I don’t know why people that can’t express themselves without all the unnecessary foolishnes. Also, the sl-t shaming has been old. I didnt like it when they did it to porsha and quad. The same should be with kandi and kenya. I find people like that though, to be just hateful and jealous for no particular reason. Also, I’m taking up for Kenya allot lol! I think Kenya has really grown allot, babies change everything! Lol I can respect Kenya’s hustle, and kandi’s too

  9. Marlow, I got Chanel, Gucci, Versace, ok your PIMP bought some designer clothes. If Kandi wanted to wear a bunch of designer clothes, she can, but because you where raised in the ghetto, your not use to any thing nice. Sheree’ shes hopeless, she have nothing, her man is at the halfway house still didn’t show up. Because he’s with the girl thats going to sleep with him. You crazy bat.

  10. When you bring back the old trash this is what you get.Marlo accusing anyone about sex is a joke. And Sheree you know. Neither one of you have a story line. Kenya is beautiful , Kandi has Todd and they’re banking it. THE WORLD CAN SEE THE ENVY

  11. It’s a shame that friends talk about each other the way that this bunch does. I understand that the show need ratings, but at what cost. Marlo don’t you have enough to do with raising your nephews. Sheree aren’t you a little to old to have a penpal. Just saying. Yall can talk about Kandi all you want,one thing for sure and two things for certain. She making them coins. Shame on you sister friends.

  12. They’re all messy, Kandi, Kenya, Marlo, Sheree all of them…Everybody aint always jealous some ppl are just who they are…..MESSY AS H-LL!

    1. It is jealousy even Stevie Wonder can see that if you don’t it’s because you got a jealous bone too that you don’t want to own up to quit being jealous of other people’s accomplishments and get on your grind and stay focused

    2. Yes they are; Kandi talks about people’s are & she is spoiled is h-ll…Marlo is the real deal to me/d-mn she knows how to dressed.they have all this money! Noone rocks harder than Marlo.

  13. @ Jean, everybody isn’t jealous but Marlo is certainly jealous of Kandi. That’s why she’s always talking about how much money Kandi makes and how she spends it. She also tries to downplay Kandi’s accomplishments. That’s what envious people do.

  14. Wait a minute…isn’t marlo’s pop-up shop a rental agency for used designer clothes? And she has the nerve to tell Kandi that she won’t accept her used designer clothing??? Marlo is so fake and phony!

  15. Marlo is my girl, I like Kenya & Sheree tries to keep up with the crowd:Sanya needs to leave Drew along sounds like she is bullying Drew to me;Don’t be afraid ???? of Sanya, Slap her in her d-mn face if she attack you! Kandi why you on that show? Kandi is you is not on Noone level.

  16. Marlo is my girl, I like Kenya; Sheree tries to keep up with the crowd:Sanya needs to leave Drew along sounds like she is bullying Drew:Kandi is a very classic lady it’s seems like to me none of these ladies is on Kandi level this show is not for her.

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