Marsau Scott Sets the Record Straight After Mugshots & Arrest Records Go Viral

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LaTisha Scott’s fallout with her cousin has been a hot topic on social media.

LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott are in the middle of some serious family drama. The “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars aren’t on good terms with LaTisha’s cousin Keke Jabbar. Both took issue with Keke showing up to Melody Holt’s slumber party. While there, LaTisha was discussed. And Melody asked Keke if there were cheating rumors before LAMH existed. Keke said that the rumors did exist before the show. Plus, she’s had certain conversations with LaTisha related to all of this.

Well, LaTisha feels like her cousin betrayed her. And if Keke cared about loyalty, she would have never shown up to the event since she knows Melody and LaTisha aren’t on good terms. On the latest episode, Keke showed up at Miss Wanda’s food tasting event for her food truck business idea. It didn’t take long before a shouting match took place between Keke, Marsau, and LaTisha.

Marsau Scott cleared some things up.

Interestingly enough, some fans may really be emotionally invested in the drama. Since then, arrest records have made rounds online.

And a LAMH fan brought this up on Facebook. They wrote, “I’m shocked, I just saw a post of a mugshot and arrest record of Marsau and Tisha. And I wonder while they were telling Keke’s personal business to Mel and Martell, I wonder if Tisha and Marsau told Mel and Martell that they too had been arrested!”

When Marsau spotted the comment, he responded. He replied, “Newsflash: they are Black in America. One was for owning an unsafe building (the apartments we bought in 2010). And the other was for telling an officer that he was blocking an entrance to my brother’s office (in a spirited tone). Both dropped. Anything else?”

Keke also chimed in and agreed with Marsau. She wrote, “Now I’m actually here with you here!!! I don’t understand what ANY mugshots have to do with anything!!!! I’m good on addressing mine!!!! Idgaf either way!!!! And that’s on ???? ???? ????????.”

You can check out the screenshots in the video below.

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  1. Not only is Wanda doing too much but so are some of these fans. My goodness I need people to calm down and stop trying to expose people.

  2. I have never gotten the itch to search for these people’s arrest records and mugshots. It’s not that deep. And I need fans to stop taking these feuds so personally. We don’t know these people.

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