Marsau Scott Sets the Record Straight After Mugshots & Arrest Records Go Viral

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The drama continues for LAMH stars LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is in the middle of an eventful Season 4. So far, LaTisha Scott has been caught up in a couple of explosive feuds. Her friendship with Melody Holt fell apart during the first season. After Martell Holt accused Marsau Scott of being unfaithful, she went to Melody for answers. Their conversation went left after Melody told LaTisha to see what Marsau was up to when he went out without her at night. LaTisha clapped back by accusing Martell of buying his longtime mistress a matching BMW. So it’s been rocky between them since. And LaTisha has accused Melody of trying to destroy her marriage.

On the current season, things have worsened between Melody and LaTisha. In one scene, LaTisha asked Melody to provide proof of Marsau’s cheating. And she called out Melody for having another child with Martell after he cheated. Melody took this to heart. And she said children should be off-limits. Things have since escalated because Miss Wanda went on social media to question the paternity of the youngest Holt child. And fans suspect this may have resulted in Martell and Marsau coming to blows while filming the second half of the season.

Interestingly enough. LaTisha is also not in a good place with her cousin Keke Jabbar. She feels like Keke betrayed her by going to Melody’s slumber party and discussing her.

Well, things just got messier. Fans may have really gotten emotionally invested in the family drama. Mugshots and arrest records went viral. And Marsau took to social media to set the record straight.

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  1. Not only is Wanda doing too much but so are some of these fans. My goodness I need people to calm down and stop trying to expose people.

  2. I have never gotten the itch to search for these people’s arrest records and mugshots. It’s not that deep. And I need fans to stop taking these feuds so personally. We don’t know these people.

  3. I’m SIcK of this show!! Tisha needs more speech coaching, Melody is full of herself and her mirror. Nosey Tiffany needs to stay in her judgemental lane. Hate miss Wanda. Cancel this show these people are so superficial. Done and out!

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