Sanya Richards-Ross’ Mother Checks Drew Sidora + Kandi Burruss Calls out Kenya Moore

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Drew Sidora upsets Sanya Richards-Ross’ mother.

Drew Sidora and Sanya Richards-Ross started off friendly on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” However, things went left after Sanya took issue with how Drew handled her tension with Sheree Whitfield. To make matters even more complicated, Sanya also didn’t like how Drew was handling her weight-loss business, Drop It With Drew. Drew admitted that she did get some work done. So Sanya and the others feel it’s a bit fraudulent for her to push the program knowing that she got some help to achieve her desired goals. Regardless, Drew feels there is nothing wrong with improving one’s look surgically. And she still understands that work is required to lose all the weight she wants to lose.

After Sanya disinvited Drew from a photo shoot for her blog, Drew wasn’t enthusiastic about going to Sanya’s house to learn how to cook Jamaican food and hang out with the group. However, she showed up at Sanya’s at the last minute on the recent episode. And to no surprise, both women address their issues on the upcoming episode.

On the preview, Sanya tells Drew, “These things are important to me when I’m building a friendship. You’re talking about your business and it’s not adding up. You’re not being honest.”

Drew responds, “You can’t call me and ask me as a friend? You felt it necessary to do that in front of the group? And then on top of that, to invite me to your shoot, and then to uninvite me, that was hurtful. You took the knife and then you turned it.”

And Sanya says she didn’t want to hurt Drew’s feelings, “Here’s what I have to say about that Drew. I’m very sensitive about how I communicated with you because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

After Drew makes a face insinuating that she’s not believing what Sanya is saying, Sanya’s mother Mama Sharon steps in. She tells Drew, “Give her the same respect. You’re making faces and you’re doing all this **** that you know is gonna aggravate her.”

Sanya Richards-Ross claps back with her accomplishments.

At this point, the other women feel Drew may need to get it together before Mama Sharon really comes for her. Sheree Whitfield doesn’t hold back in her green screen interview, “Drew you know you’re ******* up when you got somebody’s momma ready to flip a table. Shut up sometimes. You talk too much.”

Drew feels like Sanya is clout chasing, “I’m talking to have a conversation. What I’m not gonna do is act like everything is cool. I feel like you’re clout chasing.”

And Sanya has a question, “I’ma clout chase off of you?”

Although Drew doesn’t think she has a big enough following for Sanya to clout chase with her, she says a couple of the others have big enough followings to be attractive to Sanya, “Not off of me because you didn’t want me at the shoot. I don’t have enough followers.”

Sanya then claps back with her accomplishments, “I don’t need to clout chase off of nobody. What am I clout chasing? I’m a four-time Olympic gold medalist! Put some respect on my name!”

In a green screen interview, Drew says it just comes down to her feeling like Sanya should have discussed her grievances with her in private.

“As friends, I feel like we could have resolved that just between she and I. And now you bring it in front of the group, you’re discussing it. I feel like friends don’t do that. That’s a little funny style.”

Kenya Moore has an honest moment with Kandi Burruss.

Drew moves on to Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss‘ friendship. She tells Kenya to take the stage and tell Kandi what upset her in New York, “Drew was so kind to drag me into her mudslinging fight. When we were in New York, I did feel very uncomfortable.”

Kandi questions why Kenya didn’t come to her first, “And you told Drew that and not me? Why?”

Kenya continues, “Kandi, it came up. You gave us these mini vibrators to wear in our panties. People were zapping other people’s *******.”

Mama Joyce interjects, “Well, see if you didn’t wear it, you didn’t wear it. If you don’t want to wear the **** thing, you don’t put them on. Nobody controls my ******* but me!”

Kenya adds, “I felt it was very inappropriate and it made me feel even worse because I was a single girl.”

Kandi is offended, “The woman who played the lead in “Trois.” Don’t get prim and proper now.”

Kenya responds, “I am prim and proper right now.” But Kandi isn’t backing down, “You prim and proper when you wanna be! The game was for who wanted to play. For those of us that played it, we realized it was a game.”

Kenya goes on to say it’s reasonable for her to take issue with someone’s husband being able to control her vibrating panties. And Kandi says more in a green screen interview, “Kenya has all kind of crazy *** stories. But now you’re clutching your pearls. We know that your history has been talked about before ********.”

Marlo Hampton uses her green screen interview to throw another jab at Kenya, “Kenya slept with half of Hollywood, yeah she slept with half of Hollywood. Yep.”

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  1. I think mommas should stay out of the mess and let their daughters fight their own battles. Sanya is making an issue out of nothing with Drew and it’s annoying. I also wish Kandi would try to understand where Kenya was coming from before being so upset. Kenya’s points were fair and valid.

  2. I need Kandi to pipe down. It was incredibly inconsiderate and raggedy to have these women wearing panties all the husbands could control.

  3. So Kandi doesn’t like that Marlo sl*t shamed her but she’s doing the same to Kenya right here? Interesting considering Kenya has been more loyal to Kandi than anyone else who has been on RHOA.

  4. I agree with all y’all comments but Sanya I really thought she was really good with drew and yes I do not agree with the mom’s getting into there daughters business cause some of them can say some stuff behind each other backs

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