Lisa Wu Responds After RHOA Fans Accuse Her of Turning on NeNe Leakes

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NeNe Leakes’ lawsuit against Bravo has been heavily debated on social media.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” OG NeNe Leakes departed in a way that many didn’t anticipate. On her final season on the show, she felt like the other women ganged up on her. So the reunion was a tough one. And NeNe made the decision to shut down her laptop as the drama only intensified. When it was time for her to negotiate her return on the following season, she vented about it on social media. She told her fans that the process wasn’t going well. NeNe said that she felt like she was being mistreated by those in power behind the scenes.

In fact, NeNe couldn’t understand why producers would be upset about her leaving the Season 12 reunion early because she alleged that Kim Zolciak quit the show in the middle of Season 5. And she wasn’t punished. In fact, she secured her own spinoff show.

So NeNe began to question if she just wasn’t receiving the same perks as her non-black peers. She then urged her supporters to boycott Bravo after announcing her exit from RHOA. And she has since slapped Bravo, Andy Cohen, and others with a lawsuit. In the suit, NeNe accused those in power of doing nothing after Kim allegedly made racist comments.

NeNe’s lawsuit was brought up when the other RHOA OGs came together on “The Nightcap with Carlos King.” Kim responded. And she accused NeNe of defaming her. Interestingly enough, Lisa Wu also had something to say. She thought it was interesting that Kim was mentioned in the lawsuit since NeNe was very vocal about keeping Kim on the show. Lisa pointed out that NeNe wouldn’t vouch for her like she did Kim.

After NeNe’s fans accused Lisa of turning on NeNe, Lisa responded.

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  1. Lisa seemed like she was drunk. She also seemed jealous. If she was a factor . If she was a factor Brovo would bring her back. Not a good look Lisa.

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