Brandi Maxiell Wants Evelyn Lozada & Tami Roman to Return to ‘Basketball Wives’

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Evelyn Lozada’s exit from “Basketball Wives” followed controversy.

Basketball Wives” is back for its tenth season. Season 9 was very controversial. The cast was still dealing with the colorism accusations made by OG. OG felt like the ladies treated her unfairly because she’s dark-skinned. During Season 8, they refused to sit on the stage with her at the reunion. Shaunie O’Neal said that OG pushed her while she was trying to keep her from putting her hands on Feby Torres. And some of the other women said OG made them uncomfortable and they felt she was capable of violence. OG felt like this was complete nonsense seeing as she had never got into any altercations on the show.

OG also had issues with Evelyn Lozada. Their feud carried over onto social media. At one point, Evelyn posted a laughing monkey emoji on Instagram Story. And OG thought that the emoji was referencing her. She then accused Evelyn of racism.

So Evelyn clapped back by suing OG for defamation. And OG countersued for emotional distress.

Interestingly enough, both women did not return for the current season. However, some cast members actually want Evelyn to return to the show in the near future. Brandi Maxiell is the latest cast member to say Evelyn’s return would be a good thing for the show.

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  1. The show is always better when Evelyn and Tami are on it. But folks have to respect that they don’t want to be around each other anymore.

  2. But if they all come back why would we really want(need) Brandi? Does she not understanding that they are the main characters overall and the ONLY reason she’s on now is cause they all said no and Shaunie had to scrape up what she could find to make this season worth filming? Dies she really think she’s gonna keep BBW going now that she’s a preacher’s wife?

  3. Brandi isn’t writing any checks. She needs to make sure she keeps her spot. It’s getting old her blaming stuff on Malaysia

  4. Trade the. For JACKIE. She’s in everybody’s business is trifling. Way too old to be on the show with these young girls. It’s time for Jackie 2 retire

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