Kandi Burruss Slams Sheree Whitfield + Accuses Her & Marlo Hampton of Being Jealous

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Are Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton jealous of Kandi Burruss?

Kandi Burruss is not feeling Marlo Hampton right now. On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Marlo went all the way in on Kandi. She accused Kandi as well as Kenya Moore of being ****. Marlo also said Kandi has to date under her tax bracket because she’s not good enough in the bedroom to keep a more successful man’s attention. Sheree Whitfield agreed with Marlo’s comments. She even said, “Preach,” as the insults were made.

Of course, Kandi was asked about Sheree and Marlo’s actions during a recent interview with Access Hollywood. When she was asked why she thinks both women are coming for her this hard, Kandi said they are jealous.

“It’s very much giving jealousy. That’s what it’s giving for me because the things that they said about me on the last episode were unprovoked. I have not said anything, I have not done them wrong in any kind of way. It’s like they’re looking for a reason to have a problem with me. And I personally feel it’s a jealousy issue.”

She continued, “Marlo specifically kept bringing up why is Sanya so cool with Kandi all of a sudden, you know, why she wanna be friends with her? All because she got more followers than her?”

Kandi Burruss feels Marlo Hampton has been projecting a lot.

For Kandi, it’s just confusing because she hasn’t done anything to either woman, “But it’s kind of like, what I have done to you? She started bringing up my past and tried to figure out all the people I’ve dated and whatever else she tried to say about me. And I’m like ma’am, let us not get on you. Let’s not do that because some of the things that the ladies were saying, I felt like I could clearly go all the way in to say about them. Okay? But we just gon to leave it at that.”

She added, “Marlo says anything out her mouth. To me, she said I was a *** or whatever. A woman who is allegedly a ***** cannot talk to me…she saying I do not get paid for *** or whatever, but clearly, you’re saying that you get paid for ***. Ma’am, you’re the ***** in this situation. That’s what she gave to me so it’s like what is she talking about?”

Sheree Whitfield’s actions really shocked Kandi Burruss.

Kandi just can’t believe Sheree would cosign Marlo’s jabs, “But I was more surprised by Sheree cosigning everything that Marlo was saying. I expect that from Marlo. But Sheree, I was done when I saw that.” She continued, “I was totally shocked. I haven’t even done anything to Sheree. I don’t even understand where this energy is coming from. It just totally threw me off.”

And she thinks Sheree has some nerve agreeing with Marlo saying she had to date men under her tax bracket considering what just happened with Tyrone Gilliams.

“First of all, Sheree was sitting there preaching, egging her on and cosigning everything Marlo was saying. Sheree, you just got dissed by a man who just got out of prison, honey. If that’s not below your tax bracket…he ain’t paid taxes in years. So I’m confused. What are you talking about? I’m confused. How are you amen-ing what she’s saying in your situation? I’m confused. It’s giving tired. And played. She’s totally played. All the way around and in all parts of her life, so girl, why are you over here joining forces with somebody else who ain’t got nothing going on?”

She added, “The two played, lame ladies of the group, y’all joining forces against me. Oh, okay. Great.”

Kandi said she is done with Marlo and Sheree. She plans on dragging both at the reunion. And what she won’t do is ever fake beef with anyone just to manufacture a storyline.

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  1. Y’all are over grown women that needs to stop all that back stabbing and talking about each other we are black women who needs to stick together not fight and say hateful stuff out of the mouths

  2. She’s right and this is why I believe Kandi and Nene should have been friends. They have always been the favorite targets because of jealousy.

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