Sanya Richards-Ross’ Family Comes for Drew Sidora Amid RHOA Feud

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Drew Sidora feels like Sanya Richards-Ross turned on her for no reason.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Sanya Richards-Ross started off in a very friendly place with Drew Sidora. They hung out together with their husbands. However, Sanya’s feelings about Drew started to change after Drew started clashing with Sheree Whitfield. Drew’s assistant claimed he worked for Sheree in the past. But he had to end the business relationship because Sheree allegedly never paid him. Drew shared this with Kandi Burruss. Kandi then shared it with Kenya. And by the time it got back to Sheree, she was heated. This led to a blowup between Drew and Sheree. Drew put her hands in Sheree’s face and Sheree did the same in return. Although Drew would later apologize and admit she may have done too much, Sanya’s interest in maintaining their friendship had already waned.

Sanya tried to call Drew out about her actions as well as her “Drop It With Drew” weight loss program while the cast was in New York. This caught Drew completely off guard. And she questioned why Sanya just couldn’t have told her how she felt in private since they are friends. Sanya calling her out in front of the other women really bothered Drew.

So Sanya didn’t feel it would be wise to invite Drew to the photo shoot for her Mommi Nation blog. She rescinded the invite. Drew was offended and decided she wouldn’t go to the get-together Sanya had at her house which encouraged the ladies to learn how to cook a Jamaican dish. Interestingly enough, Drew popped up at the last minute. However, she rubbed Sanya the wrong way when by accusing her of looking for clout from Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss’ bigger social media followings.

On the upcoming episode, Sanya and her mother give her family a recap of the drama. And jabs are thrown Drew’s way, too.

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  1. Did Sanya not tell her fam the whole story or do they lack comprehension skills because Drew never accused Sanya of clout chasing off her. She said Sanya was clout chasing off Kandi and Kenya which is true because they have more followers than her and more clout in the group. I liked Sanya before this show but she’s annoying me now.

  2. I agree! Let’s be real Kandi & Kenya, does have more “Followers” then her, it’s very interesting because if this was about Mothers, why she didn’t include Sheree, she raised her children as a single mother??????????

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