‘Basketball Wives’ Producers Wanted Cast Shakeup to Move on from Colorism Topic?

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Colorism accusations caused a lot of debates between “Basketball Wives” fans.

Kristen Scott’s time on “Basketball Wives” was very controversial. She had a lot of family drama. Although she seemingly came on the show on good terms with her father-in-law and his wife-to-be, that didn’t last. Kristen accused Byron Scott of not seeing his granddaughter enough. Plus, her relationship with Cece Scott soured quickly on the show. Cece didn’t feel like Kristen had her back enough as she had tension with the other women. And Kristen didn’t think Cece did enough to motivate Byron to see his granddaughter more. Eventually, OG was the one who exposed the fact that Byron isn’t Thomas Scott’s biological father. Since OG said it was Cece and Byron who confirmed this to her, Kristen’s issues with Cece only worsened.

More drama would ensue for Kristen after OG accused her and others of colorism. On the season before the current one, Kristen attempted to hash things out with OG on the show. However, OG stood firm with her beliefs. And she accused Kristen of only siding with Evelyn Lozada because of colorism. However, Kristen denied this. She said that she didn’t side with OG because she and OG had their own feud. So she felt siding with Evelyn was a natural response. She denied having issues with OG because of colorism.

Interestingly enough, Kristen recently discussed her departure from “Basketball Wives.” And it seems as if producers are interested in bringing her back for Season 11. Plus, the colorism accusations may have played a role in Kristen’s exit.

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  1. Yeah I figured bringing all those LA girls back and OG and Evelyn being pushed off was an attempt to change the narrative. It did become way too toxic. Sucks though because OG was a great addition. Colorism is real but I don’t think colorism was why she struggled to get along with everyone else outside of Cece. I’d like her back on the show but it doesn’t seem like that will ever happen.

  2. OG became a huge liability. They didn’t like OG because she had a nasty attitude most of the time and came for people unwarranted but expected for everyone to still like her. That’s not how it works. Ensemble shows mean you have to get along with more than one person to stay on the show. Anyway, I’m sure people will be seething when Evelyn returns next season. It’s obvious at this point.

  3. I honestly like the cast they have now. But I can see Evelyn, Feby, and Kristen returning at some point. Tami as well in a couple of years.

  4. OG got on Instagram and posted audio she wasn’t supposed to. I think producers are done with her like Bravo is done with NeNe.

  5. OG accused the cast and PRODUCERS of colorism, right? She’s not going to be invited back then. People ain’t about to risk their livelihoods in this cancel culture era to work with OG. Now given what the cast has been saying lately, Evelyn is definitely coming back. And she should because I always felt like her, Tami, and Jackie are all necessary. Since Tami doesn’t want to come back, they’ll bring back Evelyn so Jackie doesn’t have to be the only one causing mess.

  6. NEW castle Please,

    Evelyn has nothing new going on.
    Evelyn is always single and bullying cast members. Why is that entertaining??

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