LAMDC Recap: Winter Questions Friendship with Monique + Winter’s Ex Makes Appearance

LAMDC Season 1 Episode 8 Recap
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Winter and Erana continue their shouting match.

Erana’s going off on Winter as tonight’s LAMDC begins. But Winter holds her ground as she does not appreciate Erana bringing up Kevin. They both tell each not to bring up each other’s husbands. Erana feels Winter took her out of her character. Fortunately, Winter walks away before things escalate even further.

Later on, Ashley and Erana are with their husbands as they view the venue for Quick’s daytime CIAA event in Baltimore. Chris and Monique also stop by as people show up. Tasha also shows up and brings up the tension between Winter, Erana, and Ashley. Of course, Jamie and Quick hear about what Winter said about them and they aren’t happy.

Jamie then shocks everyone by raising his voice and stopping the conversation.

Winter questions Monique’s friendship.

Later on, Monique stops by Winter’s to recap the recent tension but Winter is over it. Monique is shocked to learn of how Winter has been towards Ashley and Erana. She tells Winter it’s not good to talk about Jamie and Quick how she’s been. But Winter is frustrated that Monique went back and shared this with Ashley and Erana. In fact, she’s considering pulling back from their relationship.

She then tells Winter about what Erana said regarding Winter’s first husband allegedly having a baby with the nanny.

Monique does her best to mitigate the situation between Winter and Erana. She wants all of the ladies to come around and give Winter a support group.

Meanwhile, Erana invited Terrie the healer for another session. Jamie’s nervous and doesn’t know what to expect. During the season, Jamie reveals more things about his childhood. He lived with his father after his parents split up. Jamie’s father had a strict household as a way to protect his kids as they grew up in 1980s DC.

Chris’ friend Kevin has a binder full of evidence.

As this goes on, Chris and Monique have a really touchy-feely exercise session. They also use the moment to talk about their marital issues. Monique listens to Chris opening up about what he doesn’t like about what Monique has been saying to him regarding her grievances. Monique’s open to the feedback.

Later on, Chris has a reservation at Peter Thomas’ Bar One restaurant and invites out Quick and Jamie. Peter joins them as he knows all of them. Things get interesting when Kevin joins them. Kevin tells all of them that he’s still married to Winter and pulls out his own binder or receipts to refute Winter’s claims. Jamie’s impressed by the possible evidence.

Quick realizes that Winter’s the problem and Chris wanted them to meet Kevin so he could tell his side of the story.

Chris and Monique are now preparing for a new trip. However, it won’t be a trip with the kids. Instead, they invited out the couples for a retreat of sorts. When all of the couples arrive, Monique and Chris give details which include Winter showing up. Winter was invited because she knows the s*x therapist Monique wanted to appear. To make things worse, Chris mentions he invited Kevin.

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  1. Monique told us that this show would show us who she really is and whelp, she has shown us her behind. Someone that has been a friend for 15 years deserves better than this. The constant complaining and belittling of her husband is something that we did not need to know but now we know so some thirsty woman will probably make a move on Chris… everyone does not need a reality show but more power to her.

  2. Monique has for certain shown us who she is and I don’t like her anymore, She’s not a good support for her husband & she’s even worse as a friend. She ran with the quickness to tell Ashley & Erana what Winter said. She better be careful gambling people is not the same as cards or dice.

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