Winter Harris Talks LAMDC Exit & Learning from Monique Samuels’ Departure

Winter Harris LAMDC
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Winter Harris and Ashley Silva are departing LAMDC.

Weeks ago, “Love & Marriage: DC” stars Ashley Silva and Winter Harris took to social media to express their frustrations. Ashley didn’t appreciate being labeled as a mean girl by the fans. As we reported, Ashley isn’t on good terms with the majority of the cast. The drama kicked off when she revealed LAMDC newbies Clifton Pettie and Joi Carter Pettie secretly married off camera. When the situation turned into bad blood, Jamie Tyler and Erana Tyler placed a great bit of blame on Ashley. They also expressed that they believe DJ Quick Silva enables her behavior. And they certainly weren’t okay with Ashley calling Clifton sassy.

Ashley responded to Erana and Jamie’s criticism by posting a clip of Jamie telling Carlos King that Clifton was sassy in a past interview. Jamie said Ashley took his words out of context. Ashley eventually told her X followers that the current season of “Love & Marriage: DC” will be her last. Winter recently told her supporters she was leaving the show after this latest season as well. And she accused her coworkers of being fake.

Winter Harris learned a lot from Monique Samuels’ exit.

Winter discussed quitting LAMDC and more during an interview with Queen Shiba Darling. She said the departures of Monique Samuels and Chris Samuels were eye-opening.

“I take it back to Monique. She knew enough about what she and Chris had going on that was the time to renegotiate her contract. She was not going to give an intimate look into her personal life without being properly compensated for it. So I commend her for that.”

Winter continued, “She said she was willing to negotiate and received no further communication. I don’t know if anyone else was paying attention. All that signaled to me was that every last one of us was easily replaceable. And we could easily be discarded at any time. And one of the pieces of advice that she and Chris gave me in Ashley Darby’s house no less, I talked to them. That’s how I learned they weren’t coming back. So people love to ask, ‘Did y’all know?’ Yes, I knew. It was not my place to speak their piece.”

A past conversation stuck with Winter, “But they both said to me, listen here, pay very close attention. Trust no one. And when you decide to leave, you leave on your own accord. And make sure you do it in a way that no one can touch it. Duly noted.”

Winter alleged that she’s been assigned an unfair narrative by producers with no room to negotiate for higher pay. And she also alleged she recalls seeing a producer encourage her male coworker to check her. Interestingly enough, Monique blamed her exit from LAMDC on the money not meeting her standards compared to her “Real Housewives of Potomac” days. She also said she didn’t like the show’s direction.

Check out Winter’s full interview below.


  1. I will say she is the most articulate and well-spoken of the cast. She stood out because I could tell, she was educated. It is true that you can have all the money in the world, but when you speak people can tell whether or not you have had an education. It sounds like an awful experience on the set. I also think the interviewer needs more context in making her statements. How do you make these statements and you haven’t even watched the season. I also left this interview with so many more questions. I’m still wondering what led to her relationship improving with Ashley and what happened that led to the worsening of her relationship with the Tyler’s. She was at the retirement party, and I sure would not have gone if someone had treated me so badly.

  2. Admittedly I am hesitant to believe anything Winter has to say. From the start of her “realty TV career” she has been a secondary character, very one dimensional and adding no real value to the show just a screen filler to the other cast mates. Dropping Ashley Darby name is not a good point of reference. Since she’s leaving this show she can join RHOP both her and Ashley for that matter. Ashley is a mean girl. The show didn’t make up that narrative for her she displayed it multiple times calling herself the HBIC on the screen. Glad to see both of them go and take their friend Sherrelle and her husband too. I found looking at her and all that hair and horrible clothing revolting. Monique will be fine. Stop giving interviews. Winter is a non factor and thinks more highly of herself and her time on the show than she deserves. This show will go on and they all will be replaced with no problem. Toward the end it didn’t appear that she and Yusef were even sustainable as a couple due to her sense of superiority and need to bend him to her will. There is Bravo and OWN that math. Both shows are produced by two men whose sole interest are purely self promoting and cast all women in a negative light and make money off it. You played the game and got burned.

    1. Totally agree 👍🏾
      Ashley is mean and her husband allows her behavior. Wynter isn’t relevant, and just last season her and Ashley were on the outs…Wynter is scared of Ashley.
      Eriana is too mature to put up with the immature behavior displayed by Ashley and her husband

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