‘Married to Medicine’ Producers Put Dr. Heavenly on Blast Amid Feud with Dr. Contessa

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes isn’t on good terms with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe.

Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes is no stranger to heated moments on the show. And over the years, she’s had her share of feuds. In fact, her friendship with Dr. Simone Whitmore blew up due to the comments she made on social media. Heavenly became upset with Cecil Whitmore for finding humor in Mariah Huq telling Heavenly to pressure wash her house. This led to them clashing on Twitter. But when Heavenly went in on Cecil about not having a job, Simone felt like Heavenly went too far. She felt like Heavenly weaponized something she shared with her in private.

However, Heavenly didn’t see things the way Simone did. She said that Simone addressed Cecil’s unemployment on the show. And Simone was open about her frustrations about Cecil not working.

After Simone backed away from the friendship, Heavenly discussed their fallout on her YouTube channel. This did not help things. And Heavenly has also made comments about Quad Webb on her channel as well. So at one point, both Quad and Simone were furious about being topics Heavenly discussed with her supporters.

Heavenly was able to get back in a good place with both Quad and Simone. However, it seems as if her friendship with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe soured due to comments she made on YouTube.

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  1. I’m not a fan of their marriage either but I don’t think Heavenly should be discussing her friend’s marriage on YouTube. She doesn’t like anyone to talk about hers.

  2. Have never care for heavenly.She’s always in others business but the minute someone else bring her crap up,she flips out. Always yelling “your mama”.Childish cow.

  3. Heavenly stays on YouTube discussing everyone’s else’s marriages but she’s still mad at Mariah for discussing hers 5 years ago. She acts like she can’t understand why Simone and Contessa got mad. Treat others how you want to be treated.

  4. I can’t stand smush face Heavenly.She knows so much about everybody else marriage and husband.Does her husband even like her?These are doctors you would think they would have a little more class.But like all black reality shows we have to argue fight and show disfunction to get people to watch.

  5. I agree with all the comments Heavenly starts crap and a whole lot, but the moment somebody brings up anything about her or her marriage she wants to act like a fool.Shes the kind that likes to throw rocks and then hide her hands she is a poor excuse of a friend to anybody couldnt stand her from the moment i heard her talk worry about your own life marriage and kids and stop worrying about others pay close attention to yours because S@%T could be going on right under your nose but you’re so busy doing other stuff that has nothing to do with you.

  6. Well it makes sense why contessa was big mad at Mariah . I always wondered why she had a problem with mariah when she first came on the show. Well, Heavenly is doing what she does best. I remember contessa being on Heavenly side when Heavenly would do it to others, especially Mariah, but get big mad about the rumors about her “big daddy”. All of them goodbye. Contessa now see the real heavenly now that it’s her. I guessing all that gossip and laughing isn’t too funny after all when you see the real devil. I think all of this is manufactured and I haven’t seen this show in forever. I just can’t until real changes are made including the disrespect the had for multi cultural families.

  7. I think it’s in poor taste to talk about a friend’s marriage so publicly. Did Heavenly not learn from what happened with Simone?

  8. I will say it’s reality tv so with editing who knows how accurate things are portrayed, but it’s not Heavenly’s business. I would normally say you signed up for this but Heavenly is ALWAYS the first to lose her sh-t if someone even blinks on her relationship. Give what you want to receive baby.

  9. She act like her daddy won’t step out of her. She keep saying what she does to him in bed keeps him I don’t care for her at all she needs to leave girl Bye

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