Melody Holt Sets the Record Straight After Martell Holt’s Ex Mistress Comments on Vacation

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Melody Holt and Martell Holt’s recent vacation together caused a stir on social media.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt are progressing in their co-parenting relationship. They have come a long way from barely being able to be around each other on the show. One of the reasons why they struggled to co-parent was because of the nature of their split. Their marriage didn’t work out due to Martell’s decision to not be faithful. His long-term affair with Arionne Curry resulted in his fifth child. Melody hasn’t only had to deal with drama and contentious moments with Martell on and off of LAMH, but she’s had some drama with Arionne on social media, too.

Although things have been peaceful between Martell and Melody as of late, the drama on social media isn’t slowing down. In fact, some fans sought out Arionne’s comments after the former couple went on a vacation together. The trip was something positive for their children, however, some pointed out that Martell’s youngest son wasn’t there. So they asked Arionne why he wasn’t on the trip with his siblings.

Arionne addressed this on Instagram Live. She said, “Y’all know he don’t live with me. I don’t live with him. Y’all be so pressed for a n****, it’s sad. Whole time he probably want you more than you want him.”

She continued, “Y’all if they weren’t filming, I would have sent my son on vacation. I would have y’all, I promise I would have. Y’all wouldn’t see my son. But I would have sent him if they weren’t filming.”

Well, Arionne’s comments got back to Melody. And she decided to set the record straight.

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  1. Melody, I just love the way you let GOD fight your battles. Keep doing you.We all know that haters make you stronger.I just wish your biggest hater would get all the clues thrown in her face. We also know the dark deeds do shine eventually. But you keep doing what you do.

  2. Martell really tore his life up for this delusional woman and it’s so crazy to me. She will not let him have any peace because she’ll continue to lie and cause drama on IG. I wish she would be more productive and go get a career or decent job. I hate seeing women play themselves for a man like this.

  3. Arionne needs to put her son first and stop being so messy on the internet. Let him get along with his siblings and stop this one sided beef with Melody. Melody didn’t do anything to her. She should be mad at Martell if anything. All he does is disrespect her and tell the world how he doesn’t want to be with her and wants his family back. Melody isn’t her problem. It’s always been Martell.

  4. Wanda and Latisha are Hoodrats. Latisha has all that edjumacation and still can’t form a proper sentence using the king’s English. Their family is straight up backwoods.You can dress Wanda up but you can’t take her out of the hood. This goes for her family too. The Creator is just looking for ratings.

  5. Im confused because if her son was never invited then how was she privy to that information about the vacation. Seems to me like if the family is doing them, and co-parenting then Arionne should have never been told about the vacation in the first place. Sounds like somebody was reaching to make her jealous. Go do yall, and leave her where she is….

    1. Privy to what information? Girl Arionne found out about them vacationing together the same time the fans did. Then she got on IG and lied about her son being invited when he never was. She wakes up everyday jealous of Melody. All Melody has to do is live her life and it triggers Arionne. It’s not Melody currently having meltdowns on IG, it’s Arionne. Leave Melody alone. She divorced Martell. If she cared to compete with Arionne she’d still be married to Martell. These people can’t even coparent In peace without y’all being messy and believing Arionne’s pathetic lies. ????

  6. Unbothered you didn’t read the article at all and rushed to the comment section to be negative. Them co-parenting like mature adults finally isn’t some elaborate scheme to make Arionne jealous. Grow up please. Arionne’s son was not invited period. This is not the first time Arionne has been caught in a lie. Just like she said she didn’t know Martell was married when they started messing around and Martell just said on a panel he told her he was married on day one.

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