‘Basketball Wives’ Stars Nia Dorsey & Noria Dorsey Will Not Appear on Future Episodes?

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A meme led to a lot of drama on “Basketball Wives.”

Basketball Wives” fans have a lot to say about the recent episode. On the episode, viewers were able to see the remainder of the altercation involving the Dorsey sisters, as well as DJ Duffey and Brooke Bailey. Nia Dorsey upset Angel Brinks with a meme. On the day of Angel’s gender reveal party, Nia posted a meme on Instagram Story that praised out-of-wedlock baby shower food. Brooke was the first one out of the group to see it. So she told Duffey and the others about it. Angel then kicked Nia and Noria Dorsey out of the party. And Nia became a bit of a pariah in the group as a result.

During the group’s trip to Las Vegas, Angel confronted Nia about the meme. Nia apologized for posting it. But she once again stated that she didn’t intend to offend anyone. It was just a meme she found funny. And she didn’t take it personally because she also had a child out of wedlock.

Angel wasn’t all that moved by Nia’s apology. However, she said she was willing to move on from the situation. It didn’t seem too difficult for her to be cordial with Nia.

Nia Dorsey and Noria Dorsey had a major blowup with DJ Duffey and Brooke Bailey.

Well, Brooke and Duffey continued to come at Nia about the meme. Her sister Noria ended up being pulled into all the drama after Duffey and Brooke began throwing things at them during an argument.

Noria threw a glass back in Brooke’s direction after Brooke threw her cup first. Brandi Maxiell was hit. So security escorted the Dorsey sisters away from the others. Later on in the episode, Brooke and Brittish Williams placed most of the blame on Nia and Noria. They said they had no desire to film with them again.

Hours ago, Noria seemingly hinted that viewers won’t see the sisters on the show again this season.

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  1. It’s so interesting to see Evelyn, Shaunie, and Tami off the show and the so called victims of bullying are now the bullies.

  2. This season is trash. Angel is annoying and always a victim. Brooke is always inserting herself in other people’s business because she’s thirsty for a moment. Duffey is pretending to be a thug because Tami isn’t there. Brittish morphed into a follower for a check. Jackie is barely there but they will gang up on her next because they are jealous of all the girls who weren’t fired years ago. Brandi came back and reminded everyone how unlikable she is. And they thought the sisters were scary so they made them targets. Then when they saw they weren’t scared, they got them off the show. Malaysia is everyone’s storyline and they were just waiting to jump on her for something. Half of these people need to be fired.

    1. Yes Ms Jackson yes cause them sisters was not scared at all I don’t like this season so much stuff going on

      1. I understand Angel was pregnant at the time but d-mn she acts like a spoiled little baby because everyone seems to be babying her. Just throw the whole show away. I really hate that for the sisters I mean what Nia did wasn’t that big of a deal.

        1. Yes because duffey started throwing stuff first and cowardly Brooke snuck up from behind and start throwing stuff.so the the two bullies started this but the two sisters can’t return to the show really!

        2. I agree totally. Duffey should be fired. She’s very messy. I liked the sisters. They were the only real looking ladies on the show. Malaysia is just trying to raise a family as a single mother. Poor conduct ladies. Not cute at all M

  3. All of these reality shows are copying. All of this icing out people is for the birds. This is a job if they don’t show up they get fired. Just simple as that. Half of them, I don’t know why they was brought back anyways. They all want to hate Malaysia for what reason I don’t know. Brooke and Brittish criminal azz need to be off the show. This should be the last season.

  4. Good. Nia and Noria didn’t have any storylines anyway.. They got on the show by the way of Feby and she wasn’t even a main character and Nias connection to Lance was a side piece at best.

    1. Nia and Noria literally became the storyline. There would be no season without them, Angel, Jackie, and Malaysia. Keep watching and you’ll come to that conclusion by the end of the season once Angel and Malaysia stop filming and Jackie is ganged up on. The people who don’t have storylines are the bullies: Brandi, Duffey, Brittish, and Brooke. They made storylines out of Malaysia, Nia, Noria, and Jackie as well as Angel.

      1. Thank you. Plus Nia and Noria brought more to the show than most for the simple fact that they weren’t scared of anyone. Basketball Wives needs that but fans always want someone fired for not being in the popular girl clique. They should not be fired. Duffey, Brooke, Brandi, and Brittish should go.

      2. A storyline that they caused drama to get? Nia and Noria didn’t even have interviews or talking scenes the first 5 episodes and have about 10 minutes of speaking time this entire season. Try again! everybody has something going on besides them. If they really had something going on producers would have filmed it. That’s what they get for lying on OG.

        1. OG made a storyline out of colorism just to turn around and not give a crap about a dark skinned woman being mistreated by Chris Brown for her skin tone because being a groupie and taking pics with celebrities is all OG is really about apparently. You try again. Nia and Noria were the storyline. No one is talking about the boring and contrived storylines Brandi, Duffey, Brooke, and Brittish brought to the show. The most comments online are about the sisters, Malaysia, and Angel. Stop lying because you’re still mad OG got her silly self fired. She doesn’t even care about other dark skinned women and you’re still too gullible to see it. Girl wake up.

          1. She’s sitting here saying the sisters didn’t have a storyline but Duffey, Brooke, and Brittish keep jumping in everyone else’s business because their storylines are dry and uninteresting. The irony. OG stans are still seething when I thought they said they were going to stop watching? What happened to the boycott? Hilarious.

        2. OG is gone and lied about colorism. She’s never coming back. Get over it and watch something else. Y’all said y’all were boycotting, remember? Nia and Noria brought more to the show than OG did just by posting a meme and they pulled it off without green screen interviews. Iconic.

  5. Noria and Nia should not be fired. They didn’t do anything wrong. And as quiet as it’s kept, this season was boring until Nia posted that meme. So Duffey and the rest of them with the exception of Malaysia should be thankful it was posted because none of them had interesting storylines outside of meme gate. I’ll go further and say Nia and Noria made last season interesting too because I was bored until they popped off. I predict the sisters will be brought back next season and the LA rejects won’t.

  6. @ Bee that Chris Brown situation made me get off the OG bus because it just showed she doesn’t care about anyone but herself and she weaponized colorism as a power play. But when other black women are affected, she doesn’t even care.

  7. I’m not sure why OG is being brought up in these comments! She is not on the show and I’m glad! Nia and Noria showed they aren’t scared of any of these girls and I love that! They deserve another season!

  8. Some of y’all get in your feelings too much. This is just for entertainment. Noria and Nia are good tv. They know how to bring the drama and the season will suffer with them gone. This is not good news no matter how you feel about the sisters. The season is going to flop hard now.

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