Nia Dorsey & Noria Dorsey Weren’t Liked by ‘Basketball Wives’ Producers?

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Nia Dorsey caused a lot of drama by just posting a meme.

Basketball Wives” is a hot topic on social media. On the current season, some of the ladies from the LA show were brought back. And it didn’t take long for Brandi Maxiell, DJ Duffey, Brittish Williams, Brooke Maxiell, and Angel Brinks to get caught up in some drama. Interestingly enough, Nia Dorsey and Noria Dorsey had a lot of action, too. It all started after Nia posted a meme on Instagram that caused a stir. On the day of Angel Brinks’ baby gender reveal party, Nia posted a meme that praised out-of-wedlock baby shower food. When Brooke saw the meme, she alerted the others. All of this went down at the event.

Duffey and Brooke wasted no time calling out Nia. She said that she wasn’t trying to be messy. Nia also had a child out-of-wedlock. She just thought the meme was funny and true. Regardless, she wasn’t able to convince the other ladies that she didn’t have bad intentions. Angel kicked Nia and Noria out of the party after Roccstar got into an argument with Nia.

Nia ended up apologizing to Angel about the meme. Angel said she was ready to move forward. However, Duffey and Brooke weren’t ready to. And when a blowup happened, glasses were flying. Nia and Noria became outcasts as Brittish and Brooke made it clear they didn’t want to be around them, again. So fans won’t see them on the upcoming episodes.

Well, it’s now being reported that the Dorsey sisters also weren’t liked by producers. And that may have played a bigger role in how things played out.

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  1. I liked both of the sister I don’t understand why they are being cut off the show the other’s one who really need to be cut off the show I really think y’all should of gave them a chance

    1. I think Brooke is jealous of Nia, just like when Drea was on the show Brooke Bullied her…Brooke threw the water when the girls was talking with Duffy, why wasn’t Brooke asked Off the show

  2. The Sisters were real! They were loyal and brought plenty of drama: perfect for Reality TV. πŸ’― So a bottle was thrown. Brandi acted like she was so hurt. But, she refused medical assistance and didn’t want to take off her wig. What the…?! I remember EV threw plenty of stuff and she got to stay. Bring the Sisters back. They are more entertaining than Jackie, Brandi, and Brittish put together. I’m trying real hard to understand this season. 😳πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜©πŸ˜‘

  3. They whack as h-ll for how they did the sisters. It’s crazy how the ones that left the show use to do the same stuff their doing to the sisters to them and now they don start acting just like them. They have no real reason not to like them yet they found the smallest reason to ice them out. They also treating Malaysia the same way especially Brandi, her fake and phony a-s should have been honest about her true feelings towards Malaysia instead she went to someone else about her true feelings about her. I can understand why Malaysia was shock at the way she came at her on the last Episode. I really wanted to see her Knock the hell out of British, but she walked away like a Lady should. Please just throw the Whole show away.

  4. The Sisters are done sadly. So when is Ev coming back? We need some backstabbing, independent, sassy, free spiritedness, essential, baddie action. She brought all the drama. And yes, OG, Ev knew exactly what she was doing when she used the ape emoji. She just didn’t care that you knew. Now don’t we need more of that on BBW? 🀨

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