RHOA Recap: Things Worsen Between Kenya & Marlo

RHOA Season 14 Episode 10 Recap
Photo Credit: Bravo

On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” trouble is still brewing between Marlo and Kenya. Marlo isn’t sure how she and Kenya ended up back in a bad place, however, Kenya is very clear about it. In fact, she tells Marlo that she isn’t capable of being a real friend to anyone. And she is tired of Marlo coming for her. 

Marlo is also still trying to process her choice to kick her nephews out. Although she intends for it to be only temporary, she does feel some guilt. However, Marlo still feels like it’s okay for her to need a break. But some of the other women don’t believe this was the right thing to do.

Here’s a recap for, “Guess Who’s Coming to Blue Ridge.” 

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  1. Basketball Wives has all the old rejects on the show, it needs to end after this season. Atlanta Housewives needs to end after this season also. Both shows has ran their course.

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