‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Contessa Goes off on Heavenly at Intervention

married to medicine season 9 episode 3
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On the recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” Contessa comes up with the idea to have an intervention for Heavenly over her YouTube comments. Toya and Simone think this is a good plan because they don’t like some of the things Heavenly has said about them on her channel. Well, the intervention starts off bad because none of the other women knew the intervention was happening. So they are not feeling any of this once they are informed about what is about to happen. 

When Heavenly arrives, she’s shocked to sit through the clips. She’s upset and feeling attacked. And she questions why Contessa chose not to speak to her for five months and wanted an intervention instead. In her opinion, their conversation should have been private. 

Regardless, Contessa and Heavenly have a major blowup. And it’s clear that their friendship is over. 

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  1. This is just sad and deplorable. If Dr. Jackie, Toya or anyone said something about Heavenly she would be hot and ready to fight. While I understand she felt ambushed,how does she think its okay to talk about everyone on a regular basis like that on a public platform? They still have to work together and be in the same communities, TV show or not, even when the show ends or if someone leaves.

    This was in no way funny and I would not deal with her anymore.

  2. Heavenly is EVERYTHING but….she is more like H-LL she ALWAYS talking crap about ALL the ladies a FRIEND uplifts you not TALK TRASH about you to the WORLD…i think she JEALOUS of the other woman and Quad is a BEAUTIFUL woman so HEAVENLY could NEVER come for her WITH OR WITHOUT MAKEUP…

  3. Heavenly is making sure her Pod Cast is making money. If she repeat something that was told to her off the show she should not repeat that but if the ladies put it out there it is fair game. Heavenly and Quad is my least favorite on the show. Heavenly is no one friend and the ladies should know that. What was strange the other ladies did not say anything to Heavenly. I enjoyed seeing her run out of there.

  4. Heavenly never thinks or feels she does anything wrong. Heavenly says anything she can to get ratings for her podcast. She has has said horrible, terrible, things about each of the ladies and or their spouses, she can’t handle the treatment.

  5. Heevenly needs to grow up stop talking about your friends or coworkers mind your own business I’m from Miami,Fl I grew around the corner from you we don’t get down like that you need help

  6. Heavenly is a backstabbing b*tch!! None of the ladies should consider her a friend of any sort! Even if she is trying to get ratings for her podcast this ain’t the way to do it. Contessa may have arranged an intervention with Heavenly as the subject but they could have whooped her a** too!!

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