RHOA Recap: Marlo Breaks Down Amid Feud with Kenya + Drew Throws Dog Treats at Fatum

RHOA Season 14 Season 11
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Kenya speaks her mind to Sanya.

After a tense night with Marlo, Kenya decides to spend the night at her own cabin in Blue Ridge. Marlo is hoping Kenya won’t return for the upcoming festivities. However, Kenya shows up to the house the next day to reconvene with the other ladies. And at this point, the group knows Kenya and Marlo will clash again. It’s just a matter of time. 

Sanya tries to talk Kenya into giving Marlo a chance because she feels like Marlo is going through a lot with her nephews. But Kenya isn’t empathetic because she recalls all the things Marlo has said and done to her over the years.  She also reveals that when she stayed with her mother’s family, her grandmother kicked her out at one point. They felt like Kenya had gotten out of control. Kenya felt abandoned so she ran away and lived with an ex-boyfriend for a few weeks. She feels like Marlo was wrong to kick her nephews out for 30 days. 

Sanya recaps her conversation with Kenya to Marlo.

After the conversation, Sanya goes back to Marlo and tells her what Kenya said about kicking out her nephews. Sheree feels like Sanya has become the new bone collector in the group. In a green screen interview, Sanya says she doesn’t feel like she’s being a bone collector. She’s trying to be a “peace maker.” 

Marlo is upset about the comments. She really doesn’t want Kenya to be on the trip anymore or participate in the activities she has planned. 

The drama begins.

Well, when Kenya attempts to leave with the group for gem mining, Marlo isn’t having it. And she calls Kenya out for speaking about the situation with her nephews. Kenya throws a jab her way for kicking them out. Since Kenya and Marlo aren’t budging about the daily activities, everyone is stuck in the driveway trying to figure out what to do since Marlo doesn’t want to be around Kenya. 

Drew and Fatum also get into it as well. They refuse to ride in the same car together and Drew barks at Fatum and calls her Sheree’s lapdog.

Marlo goes to her room to start crying because she feels Kenya ruined her trip. But Sheree and Sanya tell her they need to get out the house and go through with what was planned. And Marlo eventually changes her mind and says Kenya can come.

Marlo is over it.

While the group is gem mining, Fatum and Drew have another argument. Marlo is annoyed. When they get back to the house, Marlo is emotional. So the group has a meeting. And Marlo says the trip was supposed to recharge her. But she feels worse than she did when she left her home. 

Fatum apologizes to Marlo for arguing with Drew. Drew takes the opportunity to call Fatum Sheree’s puppy and throws a dog treat in her direction. 

This is the last straw for Marlo. She asks everyone to leave and go back home. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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    1. Why did Kenya go? Marlo is right, we don’t have to like each other, just Respect each other. Marlo has her ways but this treatment Kenya did was wrong. I get tired of the bickering all of the time. I am around people that doesn’t like me and I feel the same way but we have respect for for each other when we have to be around one another.

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