Kenya Moore & Drew Sidora Call out Sanya Richards-Ross

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Drew Sidora has been clashing with Sanya Richards-Ross.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Drew Sidora and Sanya Richards-Ross are not on good terms. Sanya said she took issue with how Drew handled things with Sheree Whitfield. Drew told Kandi Burruss that her assistant told her that Sheree didn’t pay him while he worked for her. So Drew wasn’t sure how to handle this. Kandi passed this information on to Kenya Moore. And Kenya told Sheree what Drew’s assistant said. Sheree felt like Drew was coming for her. She said that she never hired Drew’s assistant. The reason for this is Sheree feels like he gossips way too much.

In fact, Sheree and her friend Fatum Alford told Drew her assistant has been telling people that Ralph Pittman is gay. And he gossips about Drew, Ralph, and others quite a bit. So Sheree didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of having him work for her.

Well, Sanya felt like Drew was the messy one in the situation. However, Fatum took things up a notch by getting a background check done on Ralph and Drew. She accused them of using multiple aliases. Drew has denied this and she accused Fatum of being a “stalker.”

Although Drew seems to have a bigger feud with Fatum at this point, it’s clear that she and Sanya won’t be hashing out their issues anytime soon either. And now Kenya appears to be over Sanya as well. She and Drew have both labeled Sanya as the new “bone collector.” They don’t believe she’s a loyal friend either.

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    1. Marlo has dogged her out to her face and she is fine with that but has so much to say about Kenya and Drew! So annoying!

  1. When they announced Sanya was going to be on the cast, I knew it wouldn’t end well. I had a feeling she would go from being well liked and respected to…this.

    1. Agreed. She’s ruining her reputation as a sports commentators. Used to like her when she did that and when she had her own reality show. She keeps starting arguments with certain people on RHOA, especially Drew. Sanya pops off if Drew says anything. No respect on her name now regardless that she’s an Olympic Gold Medalist!! No big deal if you carry yourself with a stank attitude.

    1. If the CAST kept information to themselves. The show would be more boring then it already is.

      Let’s keep it 100%!

  2. All of those Girls are bone carriers. Everything does not need to be repeated. I wonder what would happen if they just kept things to themselves. They have no loyalty to anyone

    1. Are you all serious Drew have been messy from the start. Think about it she talk to to much.Kenya need the story line alllll of them carry information back.Drew allll over the place get in where you fit in. It’s all for tv. Kenya should have never went on the trip if she did not want to be there. Friends real friends would have told her that.

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