LAMDC Drama: Monique Samuels Calls out Winter Harris + Winter Doesn’t Back Down

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A lot went down when Winter Harris made her appearance at the LAMDC reunion.

Winter Harris is caught up in a lot of drama on “Love & Marriage: DC.” She’s been clashing with DJ Quick Silva and his wife Ashley Silva, as well as Erana Tyler and Jamie Tyler. In Winter’s opinion, the couples have been coming for her and she’s been defending herself. However, she’s been accused of taking things too far because she said she’s heard rumors about Quick and Jamie. And while she didn’t get into specifics, she did confirm that she has heard cheating rumors about both men.

To no surprise, Winter was in the hot seat at the reunion. But what did seem to take her by surprise though is what happened between her and Monique Samuels. Monique called out Winter at the reunion. She feels Winter hasn’t been completely honest with her when it comes to the others in the group. And in Monique’s opinion, Winter has caused all of the drama she’s currently involved in.

Monique Samuels called out Winter Harris on Twitter.

At one point during part 1 of the reunion, Quick became upset about the rumors. And he also had some harsh words for the man that Winter is reportedly dating. He called the man a ***** and made it clear that he wasn’t calling Winter out of her name. But he doesn’t get along with the man she is currently dating. And Quick believes this man is the source of the rumors Winter brought up at the reunion.

Winter hopped on Twitter to say she felt uncomfortable while Quick was going off. She was grateful that Chris Samuels told Quick to calm down. She tweeted, “How is it that you have to be reminded you’re speaking to a lady?? I needed security!! #LAMDC”

Well, this tweet didn’t sit well with Monique. She clapped back at Winter, “Now you know @DJQUICKSILVA was referring to the new guy you’ve been with. Chris saying that to Quick was only to remind Quick that he can’t speak to him through you. DON’T DO THAT. I’m not about to let you come for Quick’s character when YOU know what time it is #LAMDC”

Winter responded and stood her ground, “He wasn’t blind, he knew my friend wasn’t there. I understand your loyalty, but at no point did I hear him apologize for bucking at me. Did you not see that Ashley had to restrain her husband? #LAMDC”

She continued, “No one had to hold their husband back when they were talking to you. I was never disrespectful when addressing them. #LAMDC”

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  1. They honestly have been picking on Winter from day one. And I feel like Monique switched up because she thinks Ashley and Quick are more popular in DC so she doesn’t want to be cool with Winter anymore because they don’t like her. Loved Mo on RHOP, but she’s trippin on this show.

  2. All of them are full of it and why is Quick getting so mad? It may that the guy has done some pillow talk and he’s afraid it’s going to get out. If its not true, let it ride. He knows Ashley will kick his butt.
    I use to really like Monique, but now, not so much. She caused a lot of the drama by going back telling everything that she and Winter talked about. I guess they always have to find someone to put in the hot seat and each of them could sit in it. NOT A FAN!

  3. I’m assuming this tweet triggered Monique because of her last season on RHOP. Gizelle got a security guard for Monique and Chris. That bothered Monique a lot. With that being said, Monique shouldn’t join in on the gang up on Winter. It makes her look like a mean girl.

  4. I don’t understand why they all dislike Winter so much because this whole season would have been boring without her 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. @Tea exactly she has more personality than all of them! Yes the show would have been boring without her.

  5. WYNTER CARRIED THE WHOLE SEASON!! it was boring without her. They did gang up on her a lot. Monique said they’ve been friends for 15 years and then gonna say we’re not best friends. I don’t like the running back and telling everything Wynter told Monique. Looking at this if I was Monique’s friend I would not be telling her nothing that I didn’t mind being repeated.

    1. I agree. Monique is so fake and she started the whole mess. Friends don’t go back and repeat thing’s. She barely knew the other women, but has known Winter for years. I think they’re all fake. But I love Winter. Her story never changed.

  6. To be HONEST Winter is THE SHOW and she FINE….anywho i notice most was fans of Mo just like me i am not FEELING her on here i hope she do better next season because i REALLY don’t want to DISLIKE her.I feel like most Monique seem to have switched up on Winter for the GUTTER BARBIES….And Ashley is ANNOYING as F*** she swear she’s the IT GIRL and she KEEPS FUN SIZE IN CHECK!!!!!!!

    1. OMG 😂😂😂 everything you said is true. Ashley isn’t as cute as she thinks she is. And who is she that she felt the need to write a book?

      I’m so disappointed in Monique’s behavior on this show. She can’t be trusted. Who goes back and tells what your friend told you I’m confidence. Yes, they would have seen it on the show, but it wasn’t her business to go back and tell the gutter Barbies

  7. Maybe Monique thought about Winter’s she-nanigans and pushed the brake and pulled up the e-brake and the tires smoked on their friendship.
    BUT HOL’ UP…She did laugh at Winter’s DJ FUN SIZED comment. Now was she just playing along to get more info to be a track star or she really thought it was a kee-kee?

  8. I am now understanding why the little one from Potomac was so hot with Monique.

    Monique is a passive-aggressive (more aggressive than passive) bully. Also, she is a two-faced wannabe. She has thrown poor Winter under the bus numerous times. She has set Winter up several times to speak on a Ashley and Erana to keep the drama (which is why she brought her on) going and then she leaves Winter hanging by herself. Monique has taken on this persona that she is refined and above the drama, when in actuality she is messy and nasty and believes her own hype. She better be glad Winter came on because her and the other couples were a snooze fest…….”Ghetto Barbie” fits Ashley well…….Erana is so plastic and suppressed it ain’t even funny.

  9. TBA….. THIS Show didn’t do MONIQUE’s @$$ ANY good!!!! She came off Extremely Superficial and Mean…..Especially to her husband!!!! Bytch was Constantly complaining about EVERY Little thing that her husband did!!!! This show Honestly made me side eye her!!!🤨

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