Kendra Robinson Reveals Where She Stands with Yung Joc Amid LHHATL Drama & Rumors

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Yung Joc has been accused of cheating on Kendra Robinson.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans have a lot to say about the recent episode. Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson’s relationship was the focal point. Spice found out that a friend may have a very long history with Joc. In fact, she told Spice that she has allegedly been messing around with Joc for 14 years. And although things have allegedly been on and off between them, she feels like their connection will hold up regardless of whether he is married or not. Spice then brought her friend around the others. She told Karlie Redd that the last time she for sure hooked up with Joc was allegedly back in 2020.

To make matters worse, Karlie also made an appearance at Joc’s bachelor party. A friend of Joc’s asked her to pop up out of a big box with a bow on it. Karlie and Joc then passionately hugged. And people noticed that Joc’s hands went places they had no place being for a soon-to-be-married man. Karlie also made some interesting accusations while speaking to producers. She claimed that Joc allegedly whispered in her air, asking her if she planned on coming back home with him that evening.

So fans of the show have been calling out Spice, Joc, and Karlie on social media for their role in the messiness. They believe Kendra is being disrespected in a major way.

Interestingly enough, Kendra opened up about the state of her relationship with Joc now after all of the drama that went down during filming.

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  1. It’s disturbing to see a Black Woman who graduated Law School go after a Guy with Multiple
    Baby Mamas and a dead Rap Career on a reality TV show.

    Black Women praising Kendra is sad!

  2. Chile…I guess. The central theme on L&HH has always been seeing a lot of black women stay in toxic relationships. They think being a ride or die is honorable because they never got rid of their pick me mindset society taught them. I’m glad I freed myself years ago.

  3. I mean she can do what she wants as a grown woman but I too am baffled at seeing a black attorney tolerate this type of foolishness.

    1. Now every d-mn one of you who talk about her have been in the same situation and have done the same d-mn thing so look in your own dam closets before you dog her

      1. Ask yourself why you are so mad and triggered by me saying Kendra deserves better. No, I have not been in the same situation which is why I know it’s possible for black women to avoid this kind of toxicity. Why are you assuming all black women share the same experiences anyway? Do better sis.

  4. I promise I wrote my thoughts about black women settling on here a few years ago and a couple of people were really mad because I said it’s unwise to be with a man who is in prison. I was told that I was being too judgmental and harsh/unsupportive of black men. I’m glad to see more and more people commenting are realizing that women need higher standards. I don’t think Joc is a bad person. But marriage material? I’m not seeing it, Kendra.

  5. What about Karlie Redd? Why her plastic-surgerized face pop out of a tore up box at his bachelor party? That was so messed up! What did Kendra have to say about that? Surely she wasn’t happy to see Joc’s hand all over Karlie! I’m amazed by the low-down shenanigans on this show! But I can’t wait for the next installment. 😩

  6. Why Mita lie and say she didn’t know about Kendra she knew cause if you remember back in season 9 at Joc’s game night Scrappy DeLeon showed up and ask Joc where is wifey and he said home working on a case and Mita was right there

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