LaTisha Scott Says She Was Ready to End Feud with Melody Holt + Peace is Still Possible

LaTisha Scott LAMH
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LaTisha Scott is willing to end her beef with Melody Holt.

Melody Holt and LaTisha Scott have had a long-standing beef since “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” first premiered. And their fallout was the cause of some drama when the cast attempted to promote the midseason premiere recently.

Carlos King planned to have LaTisha, Melody, and Kimmi Scott participate in an Instagram Live conversation. Things got a bit awkward during the interview when Carlos wasn’t able to have Melody and LaTisha log in on the same session. It was eventually realized that the issue was that LaTisha and Melody blocked each other years ago.

Carlos and Kimmi begin their segment with LaTisha with Kimmi asking, “Why are you and Mel blocking each other on social media?”

LaTisha proudly, it seems, yells out, 

“Love and Marriage Huntsville!”

After a bit of laughter from everyone, LaTisha explains that they’ve had each other blocked since season one first aired on OWN.

Next, Kimmi chimes in with a question wondering if LaTisha and Melody can at least unblock each other on Instagram.

“Can anything ever happen for you all to unblock each other?”

LaTisha replies, “

Sure!” She added, “Anything can always happen. But, it’s just… Both parties have to be willing to move the **** on.”

LaTisha continued, “They have to really be ready to move on. Like, I was ready. But then… I don’t know y’all, I don’t know.”

Carlos then alludes to a possible Comeback Group reunion of sorts happening during this part of the season. 

Check out the Live below.

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  1. I tend to believe Latisha…that same life coach that Mel was supposed to do act in that play for said that Mel isn’t interested in making peace with the other ladies at all..and her being an executive producer it makes sense. Drama is more interesting than peace…it’s better for ratings…ppl think Mel is this angel but she’s as messy and toxic as the rest of the cast…I was fooled too but after the first season I saw right through her…

    1. No one ever thought Mel was an angel, but Tisha definitely don’t want peace. She always stating that Mel tried to destroy her marriage when Martell actually said the 20 women,😂😂. Wanda is the one destroying her marriage

    2. Mel didn’t start this mess even the men got b-tchie No way in h-ll they talked about her kids her marriage her they got down in the gutter there’s no coming back from that
      Mel is busy dealing with Martel’s dumb a-s she stands alone for her peace she don’t have to kiss no ones a-s gave them all a job u can miss me with that comment You either stand for Something or fall for anything

      1. Ma’am. I am stating my opinion…I am entitled as you are..other ppl who didn’t agree with me commented WITHOUT ATTACKING ME… there’s no need for you to be so rude. Please don’t comment on my posts if you have to be rude about it. We all are entitled to an opinion…my comment shouldn’t bother you THIS much….it’s not that serious

  2. None of these people are Melody’s friends. They are Martell’s friends. Melody now knows that Latisha, Kimmi, Maurice, and Marsau knew Martell was cheating before she even knew. Did they look out for her? Tell her anything? Nope. On what planet would Melody now want to be friends with LaTisha knowing that now? Then LaTisha just sat back and did nothing the multiple times Wanda came for Mel’s kids. Melody owes LaTisha nothing. She’s cutting off the right people. Next!

  3. It’s just funny how LaTisha never recalls her part in anything. We saw Melody apologize, we saw Melody eat it when LaTisha said she doesn’t know how to be a friend. The whole time Tisha knew her husband was kicking it with Martell’s side chick. Melody didn’t even slap her when she came for Miss Vanessa. What LaTisha wants though is for Melody to kiss her a-s. She’s the kind of person that requires a lot of a-s kissing and reassurance. Destiny too. Sh-t is exhausting.

  4. Huh? Does LaTisha think all of us just watch the clips and not the full episodes? LaTisha is the reason why she and Melody haven’t made up. Melody literally apologized to LaTisha and asked if they could move forward. And LaTisha said no because Melody tried to “destroy” her marriage. So Melody moved on with her life. Was she supposed to get on her knees and keep begging LaTisha until she accepted? This is such nonsense.

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