LaTisha Scott Believes Melody Holt Wants Her Marriage to Fail

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Melody Holt and LaTisha Scott have been clashing on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars LaTisha Scott and Melody Holt had a nasty fallout. Martell Holt didn’t like that Marsau Scott joked about his longtime affair. So he got even by accusing Marsau of cheating with “20 different women.” LaTisha was offended by Martell’s actions. She went to Melody to hash things out. Plus, she wanted to get to the bottom of the accusations. When she asked Melody if there was any truth to Martell’s claims, Melody didn’t give her any comfort. Instead, Melody told LaTisha to drive around and see what Marsau is up at night. LaTisha then accused Martell of buying his mistress a car.

There were a few times when it seemed as if Melody and LaTisha were moving past their issues, but the peace didn’t last. LaTisha accused Melody of being incapable of being a friend to anyone. She also said that Melody tried to ruin her marriage.

Melody has pushed back at being accused of wanting to harm Marsau and LaTisha’s marriage. She thinks people are hypocritical. And they didn’t mind discussing the Holts’ marriage but they don’t want their own marriages to be talked about.

Well, LaTisha has been discussing the rumors and her issues with Melody in her latest interviews. And she explained why she believes it would be naive to believe what Melody has told her.

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  1. I think Tisha has lost her mind. Where did she get that
    from? Her and her husband is blaming everything on Melody..
    That’s just not right, her husband never takes responsibility for anything
    and neither does she. So it’s okay to talk about The Holts bad marriage
    and throw stones but don’t say shit about y’all. Okay I understand

  2. That’s the type of thinking that’s gone have her stuck and looking stupid while her husband is banging his side chicks on the low.

  3. And I highly doubt Melody is trying to ruin her marriage, besides Martell is the one who brought it to light

  4. Whatever makes you sleep at night Latisha.

    If I were her, I would have been on those streets confirming for myself but to each their own.

  5. Latisha is in DENIAL you can CLEARLY see she has DOUBTS about his innocence because her FACE tells it all….just my observation but what do i know.

  6. Tisha’s head is so far in the sand about her husband cheating. This man went all the way to Africa without you gurl, and you don’t believe he’s up to something? Dang sis, get a clue

  7. I almost feel sorry for LaTisha. Marsau has done quite a bit in her face.
    It’s been Psychology since the show started.

  8. I feel ya Tisha. Don’t let that miserable chick don’t intrude on your marriage and happiness. Let everyone have their opinion while you laughing all the way to the bank. Enjoy your marriage, family and business.

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