Quad Webb Reacts to Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s Engagement

Quad Webb Married to Medicine
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“Married to Medicine” fans wonder how Quad Webb feels about Dr. Greg Lunceford’s engagement.

Once Quad Webb and Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s marriage completely fell apart on “Married to Medicine,” fans were happy to learn Greg entered a new relationship. Things eventually got serious between the two lovebirds. Greg even brought his girlfriend around the cast although he is no longer on the show. They were impressed by his new lady. Dr. Simone Whitmore gushed about her beauty and spoke about how happy Greg was at a past reunion show.

Although some fans have expressed that they would like to see Greg back on the platform to open up about his new chapter, it doesn’t seem as if that will happen at this point. So fans have to stay updated about his life through social media posts.

Weeks ago, we reported that it seemed as if Greg and his boo may have gotten engaged recently. Fans were happy especially since they witnessed his marriage to Quad sour. They watched as the two argued over having children and Greg’s work-life balance.

In spite of this, some viewers wondered if Greg and Quad have spoken since the divorce. Well, Quad revealed she did speak to him about a matter months ago. However, they do not talk regularly.

This led many fans to speculate about Quad’s feelings regarding Greg’s new engagement. Fans wondered if Quad felt some type of way about Greg moving on in a relatively public fashion. Dr. Heavenly Kimes recently chatted with Quad on her YouTube page. And she asked Quad how she feels about Gregory’s happy news.

Quad didn’t mind answering.

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  1. What was she supposed to say? ” I got butterflies because I messed up and over played my hand thinking I could keep putting him off about children.”
    What happened to the little girl that she was adopting?

    1. They had problems and both got arrested before they got married. Why would she have a baby? They didn’t even last for 5 years. Quad did the RIGHT thing. People need to stop creating future broken homes just because they’re married. BOTH OF them knew the marriage wouldn’t last. She’s a liar but NOT having a baby with Dr. G. WAS the best thing

  2. When some people get divorced..it doesn’t mean I have to be at odds or enemies…Glad she’s happy for them!!! Life goes on!!

  3. She’s happy for him because she already got half of his money. That’s how she was able to buy that house. Quads a snake and a liar. I’m ready for her and Heavenly to really go at each other.

    1. Where is the like button when it’s NEEDED. THIS IS SOOO VERY TRUE! She’s nothing more than an opportunist! She probably was never in love with that man began with!

  4. Chile I agree with those who said Quad and Greg should have never gotten married. They are another example of non compatible people getting married for image reasons. Congrats to Greg.

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