LAMH Recap: Wanda & Melody Cause Chaos at Destiny’s Event

LAMH Season 5 Episode 5 Recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” the infamous confrontations at Destiny’s re-opening celebration for Madonni are in focus.

The tense event begins with Stormi showing up with her husband and mom. Stormi extends an olive branch but Destiny isn’t interested.

Things escalate even further when Melody and Vanessa arrive. Destiny and Melody exchange words as Melody leaves. But before Melody truly leaves the event, she confronts Wanda for her comments said about Suga Mama on social media.

Things escalate between the two and Wanda ends up trying to physically assault Melody. They have to be separated and this leads to things escalating between Martell and the Scott brothers. A shoving match ensues when Martell shoves Maurice and this sends Marsau over the edge.

Here’s the recap for, “Holt ‘Em Back.”

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  1. I think this show has run its course. Wanda has been talking about the Holt kids for like 3 years now. Melody finally responds, and now the gaslighting begins. The first time she mocked their black hair and features. But as usual, Wanda’s actions are being downplayed by the Scotts and the Holts are being blamed like always. This is why the show sucks so much now. One group of people (The Scotts) continue to be messy and get away with everything because they outnumber the other cast members. Why even watch when the outcome is always the same? They are never held accountable. I’ll be watching RHOP.

  2. Wanda has been harassing Melody, her mother, and children online unchecked for years, but Melody finally reacts at an event she and all cast members were invited, and now the new narrative is Melody is the troublemaker who caused all of this. Yeah, I’m good on this show now. Mel should leave and let this show flop without her. It’s not like the Scotts know how to carry this show without the Holts anyway.

  3. This episode was disgraceful. These grown adults don’t know how to act in public. Fighting and getting rowdy.. straight shenanigans and nonsense. 🤦🏽‍♀️And Wanda is the catalyst. All these people go on social media and talk garbage. Destiny was acting immature and juvenile with both Stormi and Melody. Here Stormi is trying to resolve conflict and be generous and she’s got an attitude. Craziness. The same with Melody.. the fact that she came to support your reopening was kind. Even if, she didn’t want them there she could’ve been more gracious and kept her attitude in check. They weren’t hurting her by being there. What Melneka said is true.. Caucasian people will hate your guts and take your money and you’ll never know how they feel. Finally, Wanda needs to stop discussing people’s children. That’s always going to be a hot button. If Tisha and Marsau can’t understand that then they’re delusional. But, under no circumstances is it appropriate to put your hands on anyone. If you can’t have a civil conversation then you need to take your leave and keep it moving. I’m not ending up with a case over nonsense and shenanigans. I’m sure this episode brought good ratings but to me it was disgraceful, immature and embarrassing. And, I never want my people portrayed like this. It’s super disappointing and sad. 😟

    1. Facts so true I use to love the show but we as black people is our own worst enemy. Tisha I use to love and felt sorry for because her husband how he talks and treated her. My mom couldn’t never be on a show and do what her mom does. Wanda needs to go and tisha need to stop crying all the darn time. Density looked stupid I see why her husband played her. The Holts was the only reason I watched it.

  4. Ms. Wanda is a disaster. Latisha is just as messy as her mother but no one holds her accountable for her actions. Marsau is arrogant and only defends Latisha’s foolishness when it’s involving Melody and her mom. I’m not sure what his issue is with Mel. Destiny is ignorant, insecure, and childish. Kimmi tries to stay neutral but she needs to help Latisha, her friend, take some accountability for her part in situations. They just need to stop paying Tiffany because where is she, nobody is that busy in Huntsville. I hate Melody let them take her out of character but accusations about the paternity of someone’s child are classless and unforgivable. I would have checked Tisha and her mama. Tisha was on the other side of the tracks with her mama, don’t forget that. Martell just needs a check and is jealous that Melody is making it without him. He wants custody to try and break her and to get those child support checks. He is a narcissist, no one lose sight of that. Mental illness is real!

  5. For me 1 characteristic of being grown is knowing when you should stay outta certain situations. Mel showed up because she contractually obligated just like stormi but stormi came with malice. That was no authenticity at all. Im so over outburst at public events its deplorable. At least Mel and Destiny have some history stormi just messy and looking for camera time. If she really wanted to dead the beef then why not contact before or better yet just accept that Destiny dont want it. Ive stopped watching as much since tiffani and stormi have appeared they bring nothing but pettiness but thats what bring people to it I guess.

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