LHHATL Recap: Yandy & Samantha Discuss Altercation + Scrappy Files for Divorce?

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Samantha found love but Lil Mendeecees isn’t sold on her man.

Mendeecees and Lil Mendeecees go to Samantha’s house to visit. Her fiancé Mario is over as well. Lil Mendeecees isn’t necessarily sold on the relationship. He feels they got engaged too fast. And it’s a red flag to him that Mario didn’t ask for his blessing to propose to Samantha. 

Regardless, Mario tells Mendeecees that he understands Lil Mendeecees needs to get to know him better. And he wants Lil Mendeecees to call anytime he needs to talk. 

When it comes to Yandy, Samantha agrees to talk about their strained past at a family dinner. 

The dinner doesn’t go the way Mendeecees hoped it would. 

Interestingly enough, Mendeecees decides to not tell Yandy that Samantha is coming to the restaurant as well. She’s not happy about this but she decides to go along with it for the sake of the family. After Samantha and Mario arrive, Yandy tells Samantha that she can move on from their past drama. Samantha says it’s easy to say that when Yandy was the problem back then. This bothers Yandy. 

Lil Mendeecees begins to worry that a major blowup is about to ensue. 

And Samantha says that what upset her the most was being assaulted at the reunion. She says it was Yandy’s cousin who put her hands on her and pulled her hair. 

Yandy says what happened that day was awful. She feels bad about it. But she didn’t tell anyone to attack Samantha. Samantha doesn’t appear to believe what Yandy is saying. Mario steps in to explain that Samantha is still dealing with a lot of trauma from that moment. And she couldn’t believe that things got to that point. 

Samantha says that she and Yandy can discuss the altercation another time. She doesn’t want to be a “mood killer.” 

Yandy agrees to this. She later goes off on Mendeecees outside the restaurant because he didn’t give her a heads-up about seeing Samantha. Yandy didn’t want to go to dinner with Samantha and Mario. And she wishes Mendeecees would have respected that. 

Erica shades Meda. 

Erica, Sierra, and Bambi have made it to Vegas to celebrate Spice’s Grammy nomination. They gossip a little bit after they make it to the city. Safaree is discussed. Erica says the divorce is almost final and Safaree tried to ask for child support. In the meantime, Erica is just happy to be in a good head space again. She calls Meda “Madea” and goes on to say that Safaree showed up to Spice’s event with Meda. And she’s at the point where she feels nothing. 

Yandy isn’t ready to hug Samantha just yet. 

Samantha and Yandy meet alone. It’s awkward from the beginning since Samantha says she would like an apology for what went down. Yandy said she didn’t tell her loved one Keisha to get violent. So she doesn’t owe Samantha an apology. 

In a green screen interview, Yandy says that Samantha should have been prepared for the consequences of running her mouth. 

Yandy doesn’t want to say a whole lot since the drama happened 5 years ago. Regardless, Samantha says she needs closure from the reunion attack in order for them to move forward. So Yandy suggests she sets up a meeting between Samantha and Keisha because she knows her cousin feels bad about what she did. 

Samantha agrees to this and asks for a hug. Yandy isn’t interested in hugging. 

Did Scrappy make the first move to divorce Bambi?

Momma Dee and Shekinah arrive in Vegas. It doesn’t take long before Momma Dee brings up Scrappy and Bambi. She accuses Bambi of being jealous of her relationship with Shay. And she claims Scrappy accused Bambi of being so jealous of other women that he called his lawyer to proceed with a divorce. 

Shekinah isn’t sure she can trust that Momma Dee is being completely honest. 

Spice’s video shoot is a source of drama. It goes left immediately after Erica sees Safaree there with Meda rubbing oil on him. Erica and Bambi have a lot of questions. And the episode ends on a cliffhanger. 

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  1. So what I’m realizing is Samantha and Mendeecees have matured and Yandy has not unfortunately. I would have simply apologized to Samantha because I know how much it hurt Lil Mendeecees to see her be assaulted. Yandy’s cousin had no business doing what she did. Security had it handled and they weren’t going to let Yandy and Samantha fight. These adults need to get over themselves and put the children first.

    1. Right!! Yandy apologized to lil Mendeecees but couldn’t apologize to Samantha. Yandy is lying, she put her cousin up to attacking Samantha. yes it has been over 5 years and Yandy still couldn’t say she’s sorry. Lil Mendeecees seems more mature than all of the adults.

    2. You read my mind. Yandy was not in any danger and there was no need for her cousin and male friend to attack Samantha. I remember that episode and I was disgusted. And why didn’t Keisha have that same energy with Chrissy – the person who actually did assault Yandy and would do it again today in a heartbeat? Where was Keisha on the last season of LHHNY when Chrissy was still punking Yandy? Seems like Yandy’s cousin is fake tough and chasing drama in matters that don’t concern her. She has all this smoke for little Samantha but not Chrissy. Interesting.

  2. Well as I always said is Yandy is a manipulator and tries to throw fault on everyone but herself for what has happened. I totally agree that how do you apologize to Lil Mendeecees (if that really even happened) for what happened but not apologizing to his mother to whom it happened to! Whether she told the cousin to attack Samantha or not YOUR RELATIVE DID IT AND DID IT ON BEHALF OF YOU!!!! Your cousin had nothing to do with what was going on between Mendeecees, his child, the mother OR YOU in that situation! I agree security had that handled and nothing was going to happen but didn’t know that OTHER PEOPLE on behalf of the cast mates would get involved! Yandy is veeerrrrrryyy immature and has this thing about her that if you cross her in anyway she gone get you, like gutter trash she is! But I’m trippin’ on Lil Mendeecees because your sooo puffed up about your mother finding someone she grew to love and who loves her and wants to get to know you but don’t have that same energy towards the woman you call your STEPMOTHER who supposedly cares for you who had something to do with YOUR MOTHER being ATTACKED!!!!! If Lil Mendeecees really cared about HIS MOM he would have demanded that she apologized to his MOM and made things right with her if he and Yandy really want to move forward! Moving forward doesn’t mean you excuse bad behavior!!! It looks like to me that the money and clothes he gets from Yandy and his father supersedes his mother and her honor!!! In my opinion.

  3. Why is Yandy so pressed by Samantha? Like that woman has moved on and is about to marry another man. There is no reason for Yandy to still hate her so much. It’s weird.

    1. i use to like Yandy but from what I saw last night, I lost all respect for her. Samantha wn=ats to make peace but she cant put everything behind her. Look the child left the table cause they cant get it together.

    2. Its not weird. My husband has a BM and let me tell you, Once there is dislike or any conflict and when the hate is real there is no going back. You grit your teeth and be cordial for the children but that’s it, PERIOD.

      1. No, it is weird and it’s childish actually. You carry hate in your heart for a woman over a man for what exactly?

        1. For the things she’s done/said to me personally. Her emotions are displaced behind him not mine. This is a very common scenario.

          1. I’m sorry hon but I still don’t understand it. In my past life, I’ve had other women mad at me over a guy and I never engaged, responded, or reacted. For what? I have never fought over a man. Never had to and no woman has to either. Ain’t nothing you can say or do to me either because I’m not allowing just anyone to control my emotions. That’s what they expect us to do, especially as black women. They expect us to have no self control, be aggressive, and fight over men. I hold no grudge either because it blocks blessings. To each its own though. Have a good day.

          2. Coco and Realness, Y’all are having a grown conversation on here and I love it. Realness, it’s great that you understand that society pits women against each other but some of us need more time to get to that level of understanding you have. I think Yandy will eventually realize that she and Samantha can be good despite the past. It’s what their whole family needs. All those beautiful children want the adults to get along. Such a beautiful blended family. I can’t wait to see Yandy and Samantha get along. I know it’s coming.

          3. Lauren oh it’s all love for Cocoismeme. You’re right, people need time to see things for what they really are. I should be more understanding. Yandy could very well get there because we did see the recent post on here about Samantha praising Yandy as a step mom on IG. So whatever we are watching now, eventually things must have gotten better between them if Samantha posted that last week.

        2. Nothing but love for you too sweetie. I did want to clear up that I have never fought her or any women. Ignoring weirdos is far more enjoyable lol. The mental abuse, vandalism and her getting me fired from my job is something I have moved on from but I can never forgive. Hate is a strong word so I doubt I actually do but I do dislike her and tolerate her for the sake of my husband and my step daughter whom I adore.

          1. She did what?! I’m sorry that happened to you sis. This is what I’m talking about. You didn’t deserve that at all and I can’t stand when women harm other women over a man. I pray for protection for you and your family because from this exchange alone, I can sense you’re a really dope person. Keep being a great woman, wife, and stepmom.

  4. Ok so, I’m conflicted I do not think Yandy owes Samantha an apology but its needed in order to move forward. But if I was Samantha I would definitely want that apology from Yandy. Samantha was playing it up for the cameras and through shade first and continued when it wasn’t going her way. Samantha seems pressed by Yandy not the other way around. Which is way she being snooty. Her whole attitude was fake AF.

    1. This is how I feel. Samantha wasn’t just sitting there quietly watching what was going on and then she was attacked. She was standing, yelling, moving toward Yandy, getting buck like she was ready to fight. She was the one security had to block first. I have ZERO sympathy for Samantha and I wouldn’t apologize either. 😤

      1. That’s not what happened though. Samantha was actually arguing with Mendeecees sister while they were all sitting down. It was Yandy who interjected herself into their argument and then stood up first trying to get buck on Samantha when it had nothing to do with her. That’s when Samantha stood up. Then the cousin and that man ran on the stage and jumped her. This is why people think Yandy was signaling for them to attack when she stood up. Y’all are really trying to make it seem like what happened to Samantha was not wrong and y’all should check your morals. How you want to marry a man but then have the mother of his son jumped because you’re that childish? VH1 pays security well enough that there was no need for Samantha to be touched. No one was going to touch Yandy and y’all know this. There wasn’t even a way for Samantha to get to Yandy. She was being restrained when she attacked from behind. It’s time to grow up. You don’t have a right to hit someone or have someone jumped because you don’t like them. Stop this criminal mindset.

        1. I never said what happened to Samantha wasn’t wrong. Yandy did not put her hands on her and shouldn’t have to apologize. Now, she can apologize for things getting to that point. Lets be clear Samantha is not innocent she was on her feet with all that rah-rah ready for whatever and this victim role is classic for people that talk/act big and find themselves getting jumped on. Break down is they are both wrong and played a role in what happened and need to learn control fighting is never a solution. Samantha doesn’t get to hide her hand because she got hit. Yandy cant just brush off what happened either.

          1. You’re adding context to my comment that isn’t there. Where did I say Samantha is innocent? You said she was all rah-rah, and ready for whatever – umm and what exactly was everyone including Yandy doing on that stage at that moment? Was Yandy sitting quietly or was she getting rah-rah too? Did anyone touch Yandy that day despite her being rah rah and ready for whatever? Notice how she wasn’t touched, right? It doesn’t matter who got mad that day on that stage. They were all riled up. The only one touched was Samantha. And my issue is you keep trying to excuse it while saying in the next sentence it shouldn’t have happened. Which one is it, sis? Let me be clear – I’m telling you no one should have been touched that day. That is not how you handle conflict. Yandy is dead wrong to say that Samantha deserved that especially after her apology to Lil Mendeecees. Yandy is the problem now.

    2. You’re completely wrong. A lot of you need to go back and rewatch LHHNY from the very beginning. Samantha didn’t start anything. Even on this episode it was said that Samantha and Yandy were actually friends at first. It went left because Yandy starting lying and playing up the stepmom role by shading Samantha and insinuating she was a deadbeat mother when she wasn’t. Lil Mendeecees even had to set it straight and make it known that Samantha always took care of him. The problem is Yandy lies for TV and expects people to be okay with the slander so she can look good for her fans. She’s still lying about their marriage too. And it’s so weird. Funny how you said Samantha’s calm attitude was fake like Yandy’s track record of being fake including a marriage special in which she didn’t actually get married doesn’t exist. Stop it, please.

      1. Yandy is despicable for going at Samantha’s motherhood like that. It’s weird AF to lie about being married and having a whole fake a$$ wedding.

        1. Yeah sis I don’t want to say Yandy is despicable because I think back then Mendeecees was lying to them and stirring them up to go at each other. It’s on YouTube but at some point VH1 pointed out that Mendeecees told some lies that only worsened the problems between Yandy and the baby mommas. But he’s much more mature now so I’ll give him credit for trying to make them come together now. I just really hate to see women have issues because of men. Men are more catty than women but no one talks about it. They like to see us fighting.

  5. It literally makes no sense for Yandy to still be mad five years later to the point that she can’t be mature for her stepson’s sake. I’m proud of Samantha for growing up though. Maybe Yandy will get there one day. Disliking a woman over a man is so weak to me. Especially when you fake married him on TV twice. You got him sis. Cried over him. Looked silly for him. Like be happy and stop hating his baby mommas. Everyone has moved on except Yandy. Funny since Yandy’s fans called Samantha and Erika bitter back then and it’s Yandy being bitter now for no reason whatsoever.

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