LHHMIA Fans Accuse Shay Johnson of Being Rude to Tamar Braxton at the Reunion

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Shay Johnson and Amara La Negra fell out.

Love And Hip Hop Miami” stars Amara La Negra and Shay Johnson used to be good friends. However, tension started once Amara’s romance with Shay’s brother Emjay went left. Amara was already having issues with Emjay but it heightened once his ex approached her. And Emjay’s ex alleged that she had to move on from the romance because she felt like Emjay wanted to live off of her. She claimed he didn’t work a job. So she was the one who had to pay all of the bills. She wanted to warn Amara that she could end up having the same issue with Emjay at some point if she wasn’t already. Interestingly enough, Amara revealed that it was an issue she was having with Emjay. She was tired of being the breadwinner in the relationship.

After Amara had the conversation with Emjay’s ex, she decided it was time to have a tough conversation with Emjay. She told him that she was stressed out from paying all the bills. And although Amara cared about him, the relationship was something she needed to walk away from.

Of course, Emjay was upset about losing Amara. This then led to Shay falling out with her. However, the bad blood really came once Amara started dating Allan Mueses. Allan is someone Emjay labeled as a family friend. And he’s the one who introduced them.

Well, this was all addressed at the reunion. While many fans focused more on the heated exchange between Amara and Shay, others claimed they noticed Shay also seemed frustrated with Tamar Braxton as well. And Tamar hosted the reunion.

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  1. This is such a stupid storyline to me. Emjay is not this great/nice guy they keep portraying him to be. He cheated on Amara while they were together. And he sat up in her house everyday paying not one bill and living off her dime. Amara owes him absolutely nothing. She doesn’t have to follow a code considering how he used and mistreated her. What happened to him following the man code and getting job so he can be a provider for once? Stop coddling black men! People are more outraged by a single woman dating who she wants than a grown man with a track record of expecting his girlfriends to take care of him. Shay and Emjay need to focus on their own lives. Their obsession with Amara is annoying.

  2. Somebody needs to sit Shay-Shsy down and give her a reality check. She is so whiny to me! She needs to thank God for being on the show period. Her storyline is B-O-R-I-N-G! Flav, come get your girl Bro!

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