LHHATL Stars Erica Mena & Shekinah Anderson Nearly Come to Blows

Erica Mena LHHATL Season 14
Photo Credit: VH1

Erica Mena’s split from Safaree Samuels was full of drama.

Shekinah Anderson has been at the center of much of the drama on this season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” She’s been very outspoken and quite the bone carrier this season. Firstly, Shekinah has been involved in Kendra Robinson’s drama with her now husband Yung Joc involving Meda Montana. 

At Spice’s fashion show, Meda was a model. Shekinah was one of the hosts of the event. The other host was Karlie Redd. Making things worse, during Spice’s fashion show, Shekinah got messy. She shouted to the crowd while hosting that Joc and Meda used to date and he was in love with her. This irritated Bambi and the other LHHATL ladies. 

Shekinah defended herself and her actions during VH1’s “Speak on It,” which caught the ire of Bambi. Erica Mena was also annoyed. And she felt like Shekinah was doing way too much.  

Well, Erica and Shekinah will have an explosive encounter on the upcoming episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” In fact, they nearly come to blows. And the drama starts when Erica sees Meda rubbing oil on Safaree Samuels ahead of Spice’s music video shoot.

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  1. Yandy’s cousin looks silly. How old is she? 12? I need her and Yandy to grow up asap. They need to act like grown women. Anyway, Shekinah is annoying. She never has a storyline and always sticks her nose in other people’s business for a storyline. I also don’t understand why she’s on Love & Hip Hop. She’s not an artist and not involved romantically with one so why is she there?

  2. Oh please. If it was about protecting Yandy because she was threatened (she wasn’t – security had it under control), Yandy’s cousin should have rolled up on Chrissy multiple times. Yet, she’s conveniently been absent for all those opportunities. And Chrissy tried to jump Yandy too. Yandy’s cousin only put her hands on Samantha because she’s smaller and not a threat at all. Yandy’s cousin just likes pretending to be tough. I knew Shekinah was going to eventually anger one of those girls. She’s exhausting. I do not enjoy her scenes. She’s probably lovely outside of the show but no.

    1. Thank you! How are they big and bad with Samantha but letting Chrissy do whatever all these years? Chrissy did a lot worse to Yandy. You can’t tell me their anger with Samantha isn’t based on jealousy and insecurities. There is no other way to explain it!

  3. Does Yandy not have any real friends in her corner to tell her how bad she looks? It’s pretty clear in this clip that she enjoys seeing her cousin go after Samantha. This is exactly why it’s believable that she told her to do this at the reunion. It just makes Yandy look weak and pressed. Meanwhile Samantha remains gorgeous, engaged, and unbothered. Whew. Never thought I’d see the day.

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