‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Bambi Calls out Shekinah Anderson

Shekinah LHHATL
Photo Credit: VH1

Shekinah Anderson caused a stir on the latest episode of LHHATL.

Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson’s marriage is a hot topic on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Specifically, Joc’s faithfulness has been questioned. Specifically, Meda, a woman who claims she’s been with Joc off and on since 2017, appeared. She called out Kendra on the show. Interestingly enough, Meda happens to be one of Spice’s friends.

Kendra also revealed Joc had a new child born recently. This information caused a stir with fans and other cast members.

Well recently, Shekinah Anderson was brought into this when she hosted a fashion show for Spice’s clothing line. Meda was in it and Shekinah pointed out to the crowd that Joc and Meda were an item. This angered the LHHATL women. And they felt like Shekinah was being messy.

Well, Shekinah had things to say about the situation and she made accusations in the process, which annoyed her co-star Bambi.

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  1. Erica should not be in No comments laughing when her whole storyline for
    The past what 3 seasons been about being cheated on , and her whole beginnings started from being a side chick…. Humble yourself mama never forget BEFORE LHH you was known for being the side chick that was causing a ruckus cause the man chose his family in the end something you couldn’t even get your ex to do. Shekinah is messy as h-ll but what I will say she didn’t need to be no baby mama, wife , or girlfriend to build her brand

    1. Shekinah is not self made either. TI and Tiny are how she built her brand. And that’s okay. Building a brand with the help of other people is not a bad thing.

  2. Get yourself a man. You always in others sh-t, get a life. We know you have to be messy to get paid but girl, for real. Don’t be a donkey for a bag.

  3. Shekinah is raw & uncut. Did Spice really think her show was going to go smooth?
    Shekinah just said out loud what everyone was whispering about.

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