LHHATL Recap: Erica Slams Shekinah & Meda + Yandy & Cousin Make Peace with Samantha

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” the cast continues their time in Las Vegas. Erica is upset that Safaree was at Karlie and Spice’s video shoot and she wasn’t given a heads-up ahead of time. This leads to her clashing with Meda and a back-and-forth ensues once Meda confirms Safaree has a new boo. Erica also has a heated moment with Shekinah after she accuses Erica of still caring about her ex-husband. They nearly come to blows too. 

As Safaree and Erica move on from their marriage, Bambi and Scrappy continue to have problems in theirs. Shekinah tells Bambi that Momma Dee said Scrappy filed for divorce. This causes a tense moment between Scrappy and Bambi. And Rasheeda believes that things will not improve until Scrappy stops running to Momma Dee to vent about Bambi. It’s Bambi he needs to communicate with when it comes to their marriage. 

And despite a rocky start, Mendeecees gets his wish once Samantha is able to hash things out with Yandy and her cousin Kisha. 

Here’s a recap for, “Thirsty Thots.”

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  1. Lol, I know Erica Dixon is sitting back laughing.. She tried to warn Bambi but she didn’t want to listen. She thought Erica still wanted Scrappy. Bambi issues with Momma Dee is the same that Erica went through. Now Bambi is going thought it.

  2. Scrappy never loved Bambi. He settled because he was still broken about Erica. To get under Erica skin because Bambi is insecure and needed a check and a seat at the table on the show, she stayed with Scrap and she knew he wasn’t in love with her. He said it to her so many times in season 2 and 3 and she just kept pushing it to get him to be her meal ticket and make the other women he was messing with feel like she won. Bone we all watching the prize we knew she was gonna get. Shouldn’t of been so quick to try and take somebody man for a bag that you know didn’t love you. You reap what you sow

  3. Erica fans, I’m not sure why y’all are on here gloating. Scrappy never loved Erica either which is why he dogged her out so much, used her money up and cheated on her constantly. Let’s not rewrite history here. Y’all are still salty about a breakup that happened years ago and I want healing for y’all. Even Erica has moved on. Let it go. Scrappy and his momma are a menace to any woman he dates. So let’s stick to the facts. Bambi should have never married him. He’s not marriage material because he’s too much of a mommas boy. Ask all his ex girlfriends and the report is the same.

    1. Thank you. I like Erica and can’t understand why there are still people who think that Scrappy loved her so much. He treated her terribly. She deserved so much better and so does Bambi.

    2. This! Scrappy left Erica for Diamond, didn’t help her out financially with their daughter for a time, cheated on her while they were engaged, shaded her for having twins with a man she didn’t marry, etc. and she still was with him in Miami days before he left her to get Bambi back. He married Bambi right after his Miami trip with Erica. I don’t think he ever loved Erica honestly. He used her when he was broke.

  4. I am so proud of Yandy, Kisha, and Samantha. They did something so grown up and mature and it made my heart smile. I hope they can all stay in a peaceful place for the children. They have a beautiful blended family.

    Erica is still hurting from what Safaree did to her. Shekinah needs to stop trolling people. It’s not funny and she brings nothing to the show.

    Lastly, Scrappy and Momma Dee have always been the problem. It doesn’t matter who he is with, the outcome will be the same. Bambi wants to make it work but she’s going to be miserable for a long time because I doubt Scrappy and Momma Dee will ever change. Bambi and Scrappy will just put a band aid on this like usual and be fighting again next season. It’s a cycle until Bambi finally leaves.

  5. Scrappy could have married Erica if he wanted to. They literally went on vacation together in Miami days before he married Bambi. He left there and decided to get Bambi back. I remember that because Erica was salty and throwing a lot of shade. Prior to that Erica was on IG shading Bambi because she thought they were done just for Scrappy to leave her for Bambi. None of that matters though because Scrappy won’t do right no matter who he’s with! He refuses to put Momma Dee in check!

  6. Kisha looks Goodt! She’s so pretty. Samantha and Yandy are too. Glad they worked it out. I was starting to think they wouldn’t. Proud of Mendeecees for stepping up like a real man and patriarch.

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