Is Wendy Osefo Being Iced Out of RHOP Amid Her Feud with Robyn Dixon?

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Robyn Dixon and Wendy Osefo haven’t moved on from last season’s drama.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Wendy Osefo and Robyn Dixon used to be on great terms and they were actually building a friendship during Wendy’s rookie season. They bonded over their young songs and their children enjoyed playing together. Both were also on the same page after Candiace Dillard Bassett and Monique Samuels had an altercation that quickly became the biggest controversy to ever occur on the show. Robyn and Wendy both chose to support Candiace. Interestingly enough, what caused the friendship to go left was the beginning of Wendy’s tension with Gizelle Bryant. Gizelle had some questions about Wendy’s decision to get some work done. And she questioned if Wendy made changes because of cheating rumors regarding Eddie Osefo.

Wendy felt like Gizelle was coming for her marriage. So she didn’t take this well. She went off on Gizelle and Robyn was dragged into it when she asked Wendy what had upset her. At the time, Wendy thought Robyn was playing ignorant. However, Robyn didn’t actually know that Ashley Darby talked to Wendy about Gizelle’s theory. Gizelle had asked Ashley to have the conversation since Michael Darby has a history of controversies and accusations.

Well, Robyn hasn’t liked Wendy since. And this is why she didn’t invite Wendy to her Family Fun day event. Interestingly enough, Wendy believes she’s being iced out of the show.

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  1. This victim mentality is about to get a lot of people f-cked up. So not only did Wendy not watch RHOP before joining, but she still has no idea how to play this reality television game the right way. I think I know how this will end.

  2. That’s the thing about ensemble shows, if barely anyone likes you, it’s going to be difficult to stay on said show. So you have to pick your battles and storylines wisely. I hated it when it was Monique and Mariah. But it happens a lot.

    1. I feel like they should change the format. It’s stupid to force Cast to get along just to keep a check. It’s boring that way

  3. Wendy had no problem with icing out Monique. Wendy had problem when it was done to someone else and now she wants sympathy?
    Wendy should have known Robyn is always Giselle’s friend 1st and last.

  4. I’m not going to read any comments that’s defending Wendy’s behavior. Girl bye. Wendy you ganged up on Monique with Candace, Giselle, and Robyn. Monique even wanted to get to know you but your stuck up behind was delusional to think you would do best with messy low down Giselle, foul and reckless mouth Candace, along with Robyn fake relationship storyline. Funny how that works. So I’m not surprised that this season Giselle and Robyn are still coming after you and Candace. However, you were foul for being fake phoney with Robyn but you also did the same with Mia on the hot mic. You so scared about your image you cant even live in your own truth ON CAMERA. Your all over the place and standing on quick sand with all those so called ventures including with peter and that failed candle line you made such a big whoop about with any business or marketing plan. As someone with a grad and phd you should know how to write a business plan by hand with no problems, yet you look dumb when your husband spoke on it. People who went to grad school know, especially with any business degree. Now your also spreading “colorism” . It wasn’t colorism when you dish it but cant handle that same ugly negative energy you gave to others. People like you like to use word play and boast about so much while talking in circles. You’re pathetic to use colorism as a dog whistle and disgusting to not have any standards by being fake and not standing on how your truly feel and are. People like you is what’s wrong with the culture. Yes Giselle and Robyn is messy but you knew that and embraced it with your behavior toward others. Welcome to Reality T.V.

    1. 👏👏👏 Yeah I guess when the shoe was on someone else’s foot she didn’t care. Now that she’s wearing it, it ain’t comfortable. You reap what you sow. I stopped watching the show because they kept Wendy & Remy from Ratatouille. Guess I’m not missing anything.

  5. Wendy got played by Karen. Karen used her as her weapon against Gizelle. They didn’t have a problem with Wendy, but Karen got in her ear and made her think that. So, Wendy is the author of her own demise. They really wanted to be her friend, but Karen made sure she would not be friends with them. Too bad Wendy, but Karen made you defensive caused caused you to make enemies. I wonder if she looked back and is now smart enough to see that.

    1. Wendy got there all on her. She got there by Giselle saying she got plastic surgery because her husband was cheating. Karen had nothing to do with that. Robyn and Ashley were part of that scene.

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