LHHATL Recap: Scrappy Slams Momma Dee Over His Childhood

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” The cast concludes their time in Las Vegas. Spice didn’t win the Grammy. But the general consensus is she should have. Regardless, she’s just grateful that she was nominated. And it’s a good place to be in her music career. While Spice is having a blast in Vegas, the drama continues for others. Scrappy is still upset about Momma Dee telling people he filed for divorce. He denies that he told her this. But he doesn’t like that she’s always blasting him and Bambi on social media. 

Scrappy is convinced that the root of his issues with Bambi is his childhood. Momma Dee’s past as a pimp has really stuck with him. And he didn’t realize until later in life that the has a lot of trauma to process. And he needs therapy. Despite the heated conversation, Momma Dee and Scrappy are able to hug afterward. 

And Erica doesn’t get the ending she wanted amid her divorce from Safaree. She’s devastated when she learns he won’t have to pay child support. 

Here’s a recap for, “No Scrapp Left Behind.”

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  1. I’m soo.. soo .. sooo PROUD of Scrappy he told his truth… that’s right stand on your truth Scrappy..
    Only you and your sister knows the God honest truth. Momma Dee you were wrong for not taking accountability for the way you hurt the Both of your children 💔 they very heart broken you can tell how Scrappy feels 💔 it’s sad that she can’t own it.

  2. what type of person makes a decision for only one parent to support their child?i felt this for Ericka. Despite what others may think of her and saying she got her karma,the ones who will really suffer are her kids. Noone should be happy for the outcome she receive. For Safaree, he loves to say ppl do not know what happens behind the scene ect,ect but if he indeed went and ask that he dont pay child support,remember karma knows everyone’s address.

  3. Safaree is a narcissist & extremely immature. I feel for Erica but she should of seen the red flags. KARMA is real & coming for him. Live your life & make that bag girl.

  4. And her son could have handled his mother a better way than he did. I know it a show. But there should be nothing calls you to disrespect you mother in front of people. People getting the bag and God comment twist Horon than mother and father so they day will be long. Out of all she did to make sure they life would have been better. Who helped him with career his mother. She knew the way and he was learning the way. Where her life was good or bad. She did it to keep them from facing the things she had to face in her life to make their life better.

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