‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Eugene Calls Quad Miserable + Tempers Flare

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On the recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” Eugene still doesn’t think that Kiran understands his perspective about the shady Halloween costume incident that left him and Toya offended. Interestingly enough, Curtis thinks the situation just makes Eugene look hypocritical. And he reminds Eugene that he offended him when he joked about the affair he had behind Jackie’s back. 

Eugene clashes with Quad over the comments she’s made about him on social media. Toya and Eugene feel like Quad crossed the line way too many times. However, Quad believes she’s only defending herself. And she thinks the couple has divorce shamed her. Regardless, Eugene said he thinks the real issue is that Quad is miserable. But Quad thinks that label fits Toya much better.

Here’s a recap for “Reunion Part 3.”

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  1. I might be wrong in saying this but they’re friendships are drier than an African dessert so just see each other in passing and keep it moving.
    This show like other Black realities have become too playground-ish for me.
    Law&Order:SVU reruns are always on.

  2. This season was just…blah. This cast literally delivers the exact same mess every season. There aren’t even genuine friendships anymore, just raggedy a-s alliances and boring feuds they have had for a decade. Sad to see it become…this.

  3. At this point idk if this show can or should come back. Everyone is just picking different people to argue with each season and bringing up old or off camera stuff as “drama”. I’m not feeling it.

  4. Quad, need to be CHECKED. She’s hiding behind the CAMERA, let’s be REAL GIRL……Buying her way through Atlanta……..She’s An Liar

  5. Eugen if you were man enough to close your wife mouth. People wouldn’t be talking. As long as get smart mouth with other people got a right to rag her. I was laughing at you when she was talking about your private on live t.v.

  6. Quad is miserable but so is Jackie and Heavenly.
    Toya should learn that whatever comes to mind should not come out your mouth.
    Contessa should listen to Simone and don’t tell Heavenly her business, unless she wants it repeated on her podcast.
    If Eugene doesn’t have a problem with Toya’s mouth no one else should.

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