‘Married to Medicine’ Drama: Dr. Eugene Harris Goes off on Dr. Kiran Sajja

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The drama is only intensifying on “Married to Medicine.”

Married to Medicine” is starting off with a bang in its ninth season. Of course, a good bit of the drama has been centered around Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe’s fallout. Contessa is upset about the comments Heavenly made about her and Scott Metcalfe on her YouTube channel. On the recent episode, Contessa had an intervention for Heavenly. Of course, it did not go well. Heavenly felt attacked. But Contessa was hurt after Heavenly made it clear that she doesn’t regret the things she said. And she told her YouTube subscribers that she thought that Scott was emotionally and verbally abusive.

Well, Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris will drama on the upcoming episode. Toya and Anila Sajja are making an effort to repair their broken friendship. However, Anila and Dr. Kiran Sajja may slow down the process with their choice of Halloween costumes. Eugene and Toya decided to dress up as Beyonce and Jay-Z. And Kiran and Anila decided to dress up as movers. They got a little shady and offered to help Toya and Eugene with their next move.

While Toya thought this just showed how much she stays on Anila’s mind, Eugene was really offended. And things end up getting heated between him and Kiran.

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  1. I know Toya and Eugene move a lot but this was a bit too much and it’s giving pressed and desperation for a storyline. I expect Anila to do stuff like this because she’s been doing it but I’m surprised by Kiran. Anyway, another season of Toya and Eugene being everyone’s storyline. And Heavenly playing victim when called out for dragging her own friends. Time for some new material. This show has gotten stale.

    1. It was very low class what was done to the Harris family
      Everyone needs to stay in their own lane.
      Heavenly needs to take care of her own business.
      She doesn’t want anyone talking about Daddy.

  2. It’s funny. If you are ok with moving several times in a year why are you so pressed? It was a joke and since Eugene knows the real reasons behind the moving he’s sensitive. I say, get off TV or stop moving so much. People in witness protection don’t move this much

  3. Didn’t find this funny 🤷🏾‍♀️. Toya and Eugene are easy targets. I’d respect Anila if she and Kiran had this kind of courage and audacity with another couple. But I know they won’t. This is why this show has peaked. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Exactly…….Anita has clearly chosen her team. I am not sure why this is so funny to her and her husband, but having the intervention for Heavenly, who has been offensive to everyone, was mean….Anita, please make sense.

      What you did and what was done to Heavenly caused equal pain. However, at least Heavenly’s intervention was done between friends, but what you did to Toya and Eugene was strictly to embarrass them on all levels. The question becomes, Why does there moving brother you?

  4. One day people are going to realize that Anila and Toya are the exact same person. And then I’ll ask them how long it took them to see the light.

  5. @ATL, correct. Kiran literally said that Anila is the reason they went over their house budget by over a million dollars. And he was really stressed. They live above their means just like Toya and Eugene do. But they get a pass for some reason and I’m going to keep it cute and not break down why that is. Anila is even on this show freaking out about losing a nanny and having to take care of her own children. If she doesn’t see the light, her and Kiran may end up in the same boat as Toya and Eugene if they are really having money problems.

  6. I just really wonder if Eugene would have pulled that with another husband. Cecil said it was funny to him and Eugene didn’t bat an Eye! I don’t feel bad, sad or mad for him and Toya it was a joke and they some how always seem to want to be victims

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