Tiny Harris Claps Back After King Harris is Accused of Acting Like He’s from the Hood

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King Harris is a hot topic on social media these days.

Tiny Harris and TI‘s son King Harris grew up on television according to people who watched “Family Hustle.” And before VH1 decided to cancel “Friends & Family Hustle,” King made his way into high school. However, his desire to have a successful music career became his passion. He was able to talk his parents into allowing him to tour for a bit. However, the upcoming rapper was struggling to balance focusing on music and doing what he needed to do in school simultaneously. Although the show may no longer be on the air, people are able to still keep up with King and the rest of the Harris clan thanks to social media.

To no surprise, people are very opinionated on the internet. In fact, King receives quite a bit of criticism on social media. When it comes to his rap music, King has been accused of trying to act tough for popularity. And they just couldn’t understand why a young man with two famous and rich parents would make music that references crime and the street life.

Tiny has been a supportive mother of King’s music career since day one. So she has clapped back in defense of her son’s music on Instagram. So it’s probably not surprising that she is also defending him amid the current backlash he’s receiving after his arrest had people talking.

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  1. I think it’s sad that black kids feel like they have to act like they are from the streets even when they grow up rich. It’s time to stop glamorizing the streets. King should be running a business and getting ready to make important connections at somebody’s college. But no, black kids want to be hood and rap. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Tiny what you call his actions? As long as you defend him, he will not change. People are judging your son about what he is putting in the streets and people see it. Out of all your children he the only one name is in the street like a hood rat. Most of the time we have that one child that make act different than the rest. Instead of trying to take up for him, spend that time to correct him. You need to pray instead of posting

    1. Well said. If King continues these actions the road ahead will not be kind. His entitled attitude is his biggest downfall and his disregarding parents is his second.

    2. Yes your are so right bc I uve that one who thinks he is just street simply bc me n he father have been to prison n now we r so hurt that we exposed this to him

  3. Her responses are sad because it seems like she’s trying to prove that he’s not acting and he’s really from the hood. It’s really disturbing that so many people think blackness means being hood and acting like one is from the projects when that’s not all of our experiences. You’re black because you’re black. There isn’t one way to define it.

    1. Tiny should be teaching her son , not being on social media justifying his thug like behavior, I don’t care if he was raised in the White house, his behavior is ghetto and out of control.

  4. I think too often people fail to realize that rap music is art and expŕession and should be listened too or not and definately not lived by.alot of bad and negativity results including deaths drug abuse and other things. People too rap music that they don’t live and I find it ok. They can relate and it sells.plus it has a nice beat

  5. It’s All Just Entertainment… These Are Entertainers! Regular People Take Entertainment To Seriously, Like Movies, Rap Videos & Lyrics From Hip Hop, Y’all Must Of Forgot About Heavy Metal, Hard Rock & Country Music They All Tell An Story Just Like Hip Hop Does… It Doesn’t Hve To Be Their Story They Can Just Be Displaying What’s Going On In The Hood Or In The Trailer Park… It’s All Entertainment So Be Entertained Or Don’t Listen! All This Xtra Real People Who Ain’t Doing Sh-t Wit Their Lives Always Wnt Someone To Be Involved In Some Dumb Street Sh-t!!! Sit Back & Enjoy The Music Because They Probably Talking About Yo A-s & All The Slacker Sh-t You Do!

  6. The comparisons y’all are making between rap music and rock/heavy metal music makes no sense. Rock and heavy metal artists aren’t the ones getting shot and killed every other month. Just rappers. Tiny is literally defending her son’s right to make violent music and arguing that he’s really as hood as he’s portraying himself to be like folks weren’t just crying about Takeoff being shot and killed for no reason a few days ago. Wake up. Y’all sound crazy. King is the only Harris kid who acts this way. And if he doesn’t stop this soon, this could end very tragically. Hood culture kills. Stop praising it.

  7. He making dumb decesions mama bear*Tiny…u better try getting him back on right path cause if your cub keep up his hood act he doom…prision/death all that hood mess lead to..dont make excuses tone his rump up….Many Blessings Ti overcame all that just Don’t wanna see this kid go down bad..

  8. You got to stop spoiling him and let him see what life is all about you taking up for him is not helping him one bit he’s going to keep getting in trouble because your babying him. Your making it seem like his behavior is ok and we as mothers can’t do that. let him grow up and be the wonderful talented young man that he’s destined to be hopefully without anymore consequences.

  9. The child is young and going to make mistakes. Yes, I feel he is going in the wrong direction, especially the way they are out here killing rappers like it’s a sport. I’m sure his parents have had all the talks with him that they had with their other children. He is grown and at some point, all you can do is pray for them and hope they get their ish together before it is too late.

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