‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Rok & Krystal Make a Tough Decision + Bux Betrays Spyder

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It’s time to close another shop?

Ceaser tells Suzette that he may have to close down the 125th shop. The landlord is only willing to give him a month-to-month lease. Suzette thinks this means the landlord really wants to push Ceaser out so he can raise the rent for the future tenant. Ceaser never imagined not having the 125th shop at this stage of his career. And he’s upset about the reality of losing it.

Bux rubs Spyder the wrong way.

While everyone is in good spirits at the shop, a woman storms in telling everyone she’s about to put Bux on blast. Bux says the woman is not his girlfriend. But she allegedly was a former client that turned into a fling type of situation. However, she wanted more. So he pulled the plug. 

The woman is relentless in her efforts to put Bux on blast. She even tells Spyder that Bux said the tummy tuck his wife got was “wack.”

After she leaves, Bux tells everyone she’s just upset because he ended things with her a couple of hours ago. Spyder makes a mental note about his friendship with Bux.

Spyder is finished with Bux.

Rok and Krystal still aren’t feeling the ultimatum Ceaser gave them. They don’t want to change their shop’s name to Black Ink. And they think it’s unfair that Puma and Bae were not asked to rename their shops. At this point, Krystal is starting to feel like Rok is being too passive again. And she wants him to stand up to Ceaser. As for Rok, he wishes Krystal would give him credit for the conversation he did have with Ceaser. 

Back at Black Ink, Bux attempts to apologize to Spyder. He understands it was wrong for him to pillow talk about Spyder’s wife. Although Spyder tells Bux they’re good, in a green screen interview, he says the opposite. And he’s done with the friendship. 

Ceaser tells Puma he’s closing the 125th location. And the best move for Ceaser is to find another home for the Harlem shop. He later tattoos Puma per his request. 

It’s the end of an era. 

Puma invites the gang to a skating party. While at the event, Ceaser asks Rok and Krystal to make their decision. If they agree to convert Gods of Ink into Black Ink New Jersey, all 3 of them will own 33 percent of the shop. So that’s an equal share for Krystal, Rok, and Ceaser. Krystal and Rok agree to this. 

Later on, Ceaser tells everyone that the 125th shop is closing. And the Harlem staff will be moving into the Brooklyn shop immediately. Everyone is shocked. 

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