RHOP Recap: Candiace Goes off on Robyn + Karen Feels Betrayed

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the Miami trip only worsens for the ladies. Mia still does not want Wendy anywhere near her. So she gets angry with Ashley for inviting Wendy out to join them at a restaurant. They exchange some words. And Mia also has tension with Candiace once again over her support for Wendy as well. This eventually leads to Candiace getting into it with Mia’s best friend Jacqueline. 

Interestingly enough, the biggest blowup of the night happens between Robyn and Candiace. Robyn has already been feeling like Candiace has taken the wrong stance on Wendy and Mia’s drama. However, the last straw for Robyn is Candiace blasting the group on Instagram Live. She’s personally offended after Candiace called them fake. 

As for Candiace, she feels betrayed by Robyn. And she thinks it was shady for Robyn to confront her in front of the others.

Here’s a recap of “Ambush in Paradise.”

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  1. The fact that Candiace was warned by Monique that her and Wendy was next baffles my mind.but the way they are going after both of them is unsettling

  2. What a joke!. Candiance blasts them on Instagram then says that Robyn should of come to her in private? LOL! Okay Candiance…… I remember her saying this to Gizelle about Chris too. Lord, Candiance is so worrisome. Go ahead and cry. That’s all you’ve done the last 2-3 seasons, when the other girls try to talk to you about how THEY feel. Common denominator again!

  3. Candice always talking 👄 loyalty yet trashes others but cries foul when they respond. Robyn has taken the lead in the Green-eyed Bandits, she’s no longer following Giselle. She recordings fights, trolling the blogs, and bringing Charisse around to bother Karen. The entire time being self righteous about her shadey behavior. Robyn saying “Who’s boring now?” Robyn and pitiful.

  4. Candiace DID make those comments about Karen. Then calls Ashley the liar. Says all the ladies lie BUT her. Please. Everyone wants to say she has changed.I see the same nasty thing she’s always been. Can’t be mad at Robyn for letting them all know.

  5. For Candice always talking loyalty, her behavior is the opposite. Candice drags the ladies every chance she gets. She displays no loyalty.
    Robyn is showing us the real her. The one that Giselle has said people thinks she leads Robyn but it wasn’t true. Well Robyn has decided to show herself, as jealous, spiteful, sneak of a person. She has been trying to find something on Karen for years and she has had a settle for Charisse, she has bowed up to Ashley, Katie, Wendy, and Monique to backup. She has been able to get Jaun to remarry her after what 12- 14 years. Robyn is just sad , she should focus on Juan.

  6. Mia’s best friend is annoying and has way too much mouth when Mia treats her like trash anyway. I’m glad Candiace and Ashley cleared these girls. Now I just need Karen to activate. And then the season will be *chef’s kiss*.

  7. I got to give credit where credit is due; for ONCE Gizelle wasn’t in it! Lol. Im sure that will change by the next episode but ALL the drama came straight from Robin, Ashley and Candice, who REALLY set her ownself up cause did she really think a live was going to stay secret ? Lol. I’m sorry but Candice is why those “colorism” claims don’t seem legit to me. She says throwing a rock then hiding her hand and acting like a victim when she’s faced with the consequences.

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