Amid Backlash, RHOP Star Mia Thornton Has Nasty Exchange with Former Friend’s Niece

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Mia Thornton is receiving a lot of criticism for assaulting Wendy Osefo.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Mia Thornton has been receiving a lot of backlash on social media. In fact, a lot of RHOP fans feel she was wrong to assault Wendy Osefo. On the recent episode, the ladies took a trip to Miami. Mia hit up Peter Thomas so they could have dinner at Bar One. Peter told Mia he had beef with Wendy. And he took issue with how their potential business deal went down. Peter blamed Wendy for plans stalling. He also didn’t like the fact that Wendy didn’t hit him up to tell him that she was coming to Miami ahead of time. In Peter’s opinion, this was rude and shady.

Mia called Wendy out about this. This led to an argument. And Wendy told Mia it was ridiculous to expect her to check in with a man who isn’t Eddie Osefo. Wendy also told Mia that she and Eddie don’t do things the way Mia and Gordon Thornton do. This angered Mia. She clapped back by throwing her drink at Wendy.

As the night went on, the argument got much worse. And Mia also assaulted Wendy with her purse. This was Ashley Darby’s confirmation that Mia took things way too far that night.

Well, another feud fans need to watch out for is the ongoing one Mia has with her longtime best friend Jacqueline. Jacqueline will defend Mia’s actions on the upcoming episode. However, in real life, she’s seemingly on the outs with Mia. And Mia had a nasty social media exchange with Jacqueline’s niece.

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  1. Mia is receiving smoke from all different directions, rightfully so. Did she really think that glasshouse was unbreakable?

    1. Her past! I wouldn’t be surprised if she and her husband told family and friends not to Discuss any of their business (they are hiding a lot). By the way did anyone checkout the statement Robyn, made when Mia, was dancing (where’s the lump)……….

      1. Not only that , did you see how Mia kept cutting people off when they were question her and her friends sexual relationship. First she cut Robin off when Robin asked her directly. Than she down played it when Gisselle said she saw them in the shower together. We all all grown and have female friends. We aren’t showering with our friends.

  2. Mia please. You’re the one thst acts like a spoiled brat and having temper tantrums. You’re talking about loyalty. Please what about respect. The way you talked to and about Jacqueline , your so called “best friend”, clearly says alit about you. Besides your husband, I don’t know who told you that you were the sh@t. Your inside makes you look so ugly

    1. Yep!! She’s so nasty! Her and her husband can fake whatever they want to fake, including the children, but I really believe that Mia used to be a boy. She really looks like a man who was made to look like a woman. I’m not being shady, but I thought that, the 1st time I saw her. She acts like a flamboyant lady boy in every way. She just be doing the most. True women don’t act like that. I may be wrong, but if I am, she needs to take it down a notch. Lady boys’ words can cut like a knife. I don’t eeeeever want to get into an argument with a gay man or lady boy. I know a LOT of women and a LOT of gay men and she acts like the latter. She’s not nice AND she’s very insecure, yet she acts confident. She’s not. Ijs.

  3. Exactly why bring your friend on tv to dog her out and whatever deals Peter had going on with Wendy wasn’t any of Mia”s business Peter should have talked to her and Wendy was right why should she let him know she was in town if she wasn’t there to talk business and I don’t think Mia could compete with Wendy in any way and that definitely showed when she attacked Wendy for setting her straight

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