Melody Shari Feels LaTisha Scott & Marsau Scott Discuss Her & Ex Too Much on LAMH

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Melody Shari’s fans were not here for Miss Wanda’s actions.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have a lot to say about the current season. There has been a lot of criticism. Some have complained that Miss Wanda has hurt the show with her actions. A petition was created even urging producers to remove her from the show. At the time, these fans were outraged about her treatment of Melody. In particular, they didn’t like that Wanda questioned the paternity of Melody and Martell Holt‘s youngest daughter. Wanda did this on social media. And she said that she only went there because Melody said that LaTisha Scott’s father had been in her DMs while appearing on “Reality with The King.”

Regardless, many fans feel the children should be off-limits. And although the adults have their own feuds and complicated relationships with each other, the children should never be dragged into the drama that the adults created.

Melody Shari had some things to say about the recent LAMH episode.

The “Comeback Group” came together to meet after Wanda’s actions nearly led to violence. Everyone agreed that children are off-limits moving forward. Plus, family members were to be told to stop being messy on social media since this only worsens things between cast members.

Well, the meeting with the core 6 may have been somewhat productive. However, the friendships are still very much strained. And after watching the recent episode, Melody had some things to get off her chest about LaTisha and Marsau Scott.

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  1. They obsess over Mel because 1) they’re jealous she has a lot of fans 2) making Mel a storyline means they can keep their real dirt off the show

  2. I agree. La Tisha can deny not being jealous but I believe she is. La Tisha takes pleasure when she believes Melody is distress. She is fake and has no backbone. She’s mad because her husband doesn’t respect her. Mel knows her worth.

  3. Latisha has some real issues with herself. To sit and talk about another woman behind her back with your husband and laughing is really low. just know who god bless no man can curse
    you want to throw a jealous fit when your husband tells you he has an appointment with Mel but had no issue when Martel invites you and your husband to Mel vacation rental did you find out if he ask his Ex.
    please stop because Mel only talk about you and your man in response to something you all post . you are not happy and the world can see . you cannot not be happy for anyone if you don’t know what it mean to be happy and it not Mel alone we all watch your response to Kimme. i wish you well

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