Miss Wanda Responds to Latest Calls for LAMH Boycott + Says Melody Shari’s Fans Aren’t Fair

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Miss Wanda has been receiving backlash from LAMH fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have been very vocal about their feelings about Miss Wanda. While some fans enjoy seeing her on the show, others believe Wanda is the source of a lot of the drama. The last straw for them was the comments Wanda made about Melody Shari and Martell Holt’s youngest daughter. Wanda questioned the child’s paternity on social media. Martell and Melody said that Wanda took things too far. However, Wanda denied this. She said she was just clapping back after Melody said LaTisha Scott’s father was in her DMs. Regardless, Wanda’s comments led to Melody confronting her during the MaDonni re-opening event. And cast members almost got violent as a result.

Disgruntled fans decided to call for the removal of Wanda from LAMH. They created a petition and urged those in support to boycott the show completely. On the recent episode, it was decided that cast members need to tell their family members to refrain from being disrespectful on social media. And they especially agreed that all children should be off-limits.

Well, some LAMH fans have decided they will not be watching the upcoming episode. They take issue with the fact that Marsau Scott and Maurice Scott’s brother will be making an appearance after Miss Vanessa denied a past romance. And recently, Wanda clapped back at this. She seemingly feels like fans show favoritism to Melody and Vanessa.

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  1. Umm Latisha has fans too and there are plenty of people who don’t like Melody. Why are the other cast members so determined to be jealous?

    1. Exactly! And you still won’t catch Mel whining about people not liking her! She focuses on her fans and making boss moves!

    2. I don’t think anyone is jealous of Mel . Why would they be ?
      Mel is bitter and destructive.

      Her products are not being bought by ALL THE FANS as we see from her small amount of orders . No one is paying to go to her seminars ….She got body work and face fillers like all the others SO WHAT IS THERE TO BE JEALOUS OF ?

      Oh I know she stayed married to a man who cheated on her both respectfully and disrespectfully while she was aware , got pregnant then aborted, fought the women ,had the women followed and finally divorced after even in the pandemic he was leaving her for the other woman.

      Really ??? Who is jealous of that type of woman ?

      Notice she has new friends each season…because she can’t keep friends because SHE has a jealous nature. She can only have friends who are not as successful as she. She and Martel are the same people.

  2. Girl bye. If we’re being honest Mel and Martell have been the most transparent and their transparency is why this show is still on and became popular in the first place. Honestly the Scotts aren’t transparent at all. So Wanda can have a seat.

  3. What does Miss Vanessa’s c—chie have to do with transparency? She’s not even an actual cast member. Who she slept with or didn’t sleep with is no one’s business. The problem is Wanda is mad the fans don’t care about any of that. Mark is weird because a man should never harass women the way he does. He’s going to keep going until he gets hit with a restraining order. He’s obsessed and it’s scary.

  4. Wanda is so ignorant. She talks about Melody and Martel children’s hair, their paternity and thinks that’s ok. Her daughter his grown but week. She allows her mother to fight her battles. She knows her mother is gutter. As for the brother he needs a life.

    1. Wanda is ghetto as h-ll. She’s too d-mn OLD to be acting like a d-mn child. Her daughter is a grown a-s woman and if she can’t stand up for herself than so be it. Isn’t it funny NO ONE has ever seen Wanda’s so called husband and so called boyfriend? She’s so d-mn jealous of Mel and her mother it’s not even funny. Hats off to LaTisha’s husband for having Mel’s back. He’s just as sick of Wanda’s skank a-s like everyone else. When she tried to hold him back he told her DON’T TOUCH ME. He put the fear in her a-s. Remove her skank a-s from the show. Destiny miserable ass too. She’s miserable and pathetic. Her stank a-s attitude is uncalled for. Her a-s trying to be relevant. Those two brings the show down

      1. This is how I feel also Wanda is to d-mn old to have a part in this show.And please give her a-s a English lesson please.

    2. I don’t agree with a boycott, but Ms Wanda is doing too much. She’s too old to be acting that way. You have grand kids who will see this. Stop it!!

    3. Melody says plenty … Don’t come for Wanda’s husband’s and Tisha’s father and Wanda won’t call you a wh-re who doesn’t know who her child’s father is.

      People love to start in the middle…

  5. I think Wanda doesn’t understand that people don’t like her and Mark because they go to the gutter with their words and actions. I understand throwing light shade back and forth, but Wanda degraded innocent black children and Mark bullies Van and Melody on the internet. Most people aren’t going to like that.

  6. LaTisha, get your mama off this show she is ugly and brings nothing to the show as a grandmother she acts like a hood-rat. One day she will run up on somebody and she will not understand it, and you need to check into your husband and the lady he took to Africa with him.

  7. Wanda does the absolute most and she needs to chill out. LaTisha is a grown woman and she’s not a punk. She can fight her own battles.

  8. Why do they want Miss Van to claim this man so bad? If she said it wasn’t a relationship to her, then it wasn’t. Sometimes men can’t handle it when they are just a good fling or friend to women and nothing more. And it’s not our job soothe their pathetic egos. I had a guy get mad at me for the same reason when I was younger. It’s pathetic.

    1. 2 grade need to go with here hold RACHET family. A lot people has been looking at this show. That above statements she made she knew she was lying. Less people are looking now because of her .family and Carlos RACHET RACHET RACHET RACHET RACHET. Mel new show going to out rank Carlos because here show is not RACHET RACHET RACHET

  9. I am basically fed up with this season and frankly tired of Ms Wanda. Please deliver me. Why? why? why is she still here? Can’t take much more. Series is getting superficial with no depth. It’s getting boring folks! Put me down on Wanda’s boycott list please!!!

  10. Wanda is talking about children and she might think that is okay but it makes her look like the trifling bottom-feeder she is. She is supposed to be a grown a** woman and she should know better and set a better example. Wanda sounds and acts like a kid and La Tisha is trifling too. LaTisha let’s her mom fight her battles and she let’s Marsau make a complete a** of her. He talks down to her and she excepts it so I guess she loves it and she wants her husband to lead so go head on girl. Destiny just acts out trying to get attention. She wants Melody’s attention so bad she just does stupid sh*t. Destiny does sh*t that makes her look bitter. I am not chasing anybody you do not want to be my friend Bye!!! A** is like liquor it is an acquired taste, and I don’t want either.

  11. Doesn’t Wanda have any friends of her own.
    She’s always in other peoples business..Her daughter is always defending her when she’s in other peoples business..She’s insulted everyone..She’s not a nice lady or role model as a grandmother..

  12. I somewhat agrees with Wanda. If she was not on the show, the show would be boring as hell. Melody and her mother has no storyline. I agree that children should be off limit. But if Ms. Wanda is no longer on the show, the show would be too boring for me to watch.

    1. Wanda is a full kee Kee on anyday!!!
      Melody touches down to cause hell . Each time she films with the group there is a fight of some kind or slickness out her mouth .

      She had to make some changes because she was only able to film alone or with Kimmi,Stormi or Tiffany .

      Wanda actually called Mel a whore who doesn’t know who her child’s father was . It was not about the kids it was in response to Mel claiming her husband and Tisha’s father was attracted to her . Now that’s low !

  13. Please get rid of wanda tisha destiny they are so miserable all wandado is keep up shit she needs to stay in her on lane but I forgot she doesn’t have a life her and her daughter is hurt so you know hurt people hurt other people I wanna sign this petition go ahead and give her the boot.

  14. Wow and wow again . It is amazing to me that people are calling for the FIRING of people because they are doing the thing we watch the show for …DRAMA AND MESSINESS.

    It’s funny how Melody has all these FANS ,but no one is buying her PRODUCTS .

    I bet not one person in THIS thread who is trying to take Wanda’s livelihood away has PURCHASED ANY OF MELS PRODUCTS 😂.

    Martel questioned the PATERNITY first in his interview with Dr Heavenly. Then Melody went on Carlos’s show and inferred that TISHA’S FATHER was in her dm’s . So Wanda slammed HER for being a WH-RE who didn’t know who was her child’s father.

    So how is Wanda wrong but Melody is not?

    In my opinion Tisha and Wanda BOTH should have let her have it .You don’t get to insult someone and then CRY when they insult you back . Don’t make claims against my husband or father and expect me to be mute .Imma hit you where you hurt . I would have went even lower . Melody had every intention on ARGUING with Wanda and disparaging her BUSINESS, BUT she supports Black businesses. The hypocrisy of a demon.

    Melody is a manipulative destructive demon ,who is unhappy and spreads disharmony every where she goes. She has gone on to attack everyone who still has a intact family, making unsubstantiated allegations and slick comments. Each time she films with more than one cast member there is yelling and fights . Mel is the source of all the angst on the show and the internet .

    Why bring Keke back ? More mess and ammunition against Wanda and Tisha is why!

  15. I agree . Ms Wanda is trash . Latisha is stupid. Destiny is miserable Carlos king is an abuser . The show started with 6 young people doing their thing . Now it is ratchet. I hope melody leaves the show

  16. The jealousy is real. I’m just grateful that this show shows off a variety of different kind of black women and mothers because Wanda does not do it for me at all. I def prefer Van and Martell’s mom.

  17. I pray wanda live a long time. But when she died all, they going to their lay the truth. Why? Because while she was living, she never told the truth

  18. What does Latisha’s dad being up in Melody’s dms have to do with a child’s paternity? Children are off limits. Wanda is immature and always starting trouble. Melody didn’t say anything negative. According to Wanda she has a boyfriend and a husband. Why don’t she talk about that?!

  19. It is neither here nor there who like or dislike Wanda, Melody and Latisha. The bottom line is leave the children out of your petty little arguments. No Wanda did not directly say any thing about Melody and Martell’s last child but she indirectly did when she said “find yo baby daddy and get a dna test”. Those 2 statements have consequences if their children hear it or other kids hear it because kids can be cruel. So I wish people stop acting like Wanda did nothing wrong. Wanda, Melody and Latisha can argue, punch, kick etc I don’t care that is their character being put on display. Just leave kids out of it because they have nothing to do with it.

  20. This show exuded young black excellence in the beginning. Entrepreneurs, striving for generational wealth in fields few black people are allowed. In my opinion, both mother’s need to be removed from the show, especially Miss Wanda. This woman is an embarrassment. Also, Martel & Melody are the only couple who has been real. Both Scott brothers are fake as heck, and neither deserve their wives. ” birds of a feather flock together.” With that being said, Martell was not the only one creeping. I don’t understand why we as a people cannot be on television without being a ratchet hot a-s mess. “MONEY DOESN’T BUY CLASS “

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