RHOP Recap: Gizelle Gets in Mia’s Business + Mia Sets the Record Straight

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Gizelle spills Mia’s tea.

Karen stops by Gizelle’s place to catch up after a dramatic trip to Miami. Gizelle tells Karen that Mia had some interesting things to say about her friendship with Jacqueline. Mia admitted to taking showers with Jacqueline. And Mia told Jacqueline to sleep with her boyfriend. 

Gizelle wonders if Mia and Gordon sleep with Jacqueline together. 

Eddie takes Wendy to the hospital after her kidney stones worsen. She will have to get them removed surgically. 

Candiace scores another win in her music career.

Ashley tells her friend that she found another house she really likes. She’s going to have Michael buy it for her. She’s hoping things will work out this time around. 

Gizelle and Robyn are preparing to film a live session of their podcast. Robyn laughs it off after Gizelle tells her that she and Juan are dragging their feet about getting married. 

Candiace almost has to pinch herself when Trina arrives at the set of her new music video. She thanks Trina for agreeing to appear in the song. In a green screen interview, Candiace says Trina is a legend of the female rap game. So she is so grateful she had this opportunity. 

Robyn and Juan have another tense conversation about the prenup. He doesn’t understand why they would need to include an infidelity clause in their prenup. Juan tells her he refuses to ever fight with her over money. 

Mia sets the record straight. 

Karen checks in on Mia. She tells Mia about her recent conversation with Gizelle. Mia confirms that she and Gordon have added a third person to their bedroom activities. When Karen asks if this includes Peter Thomas, Mia says they actually slept with Peter’s girlfriend. And they were intimate with her before she even dated Peter. 

It’s the day of the Reasonably Shady live taping. Robyn and Gizelle are both nervous. Things start off shaky after the comedian they hired to introduce them gets their names wrong. Regardless, the ladies are able to get into their groove and pull off a good show. Robyn says they profited about $14,000.

The ladies all catch up after the event winds down. Gizelle asks Jacqueline if she’s ever slept with Mia and Gordon. She tells Gizelle to ask Mia this. And Mia eventually tells everyone that she and Gordon have never slept with Jacqueline. That would be crossing the line for them.

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. Giselle will use anything and anyone for a storyline. She has perfected deflection from anything that has to do with her own life.

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