RHOP Recap: Karen Rubs Mia the Wrong Way + Mia Spills Tea on Peter’s Girlfriend

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Mia and Jacqueline don’t understand the fascination over their friendship. But Mia really can’t understand why Karen has been repeating their conversations to Gizelle and Robyn. So she calls Karen out at her live podcast event. 

Another dramatic moment of the night happens after Robyn points out to Candiace that Ashley’s friend Deborah is the woman who accused Chris of flirting with her. Candiace is not here for the drama. And she refuses to have a conversation with the woman. 

Here’s a recap for, “Mic Drop.” 

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  1. I like the way Candance handle that, when you see nothing, you react to nothing. From her picture on here she doesn’t look that good. Chris is up grading people not down grading

  2. Giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrllllllll bye…….I am so glad the cameras caught it all…she calls THAT flirting…. chiiiiilllleeeee Ashley Ashley Ashley…need a storyline bad ..I can’t wait for the reunion and the flashback to Chris minding his own business…..these women on national tv looking so so so stupid….Ashley: my friends don’t lie….. meanwhile they lying…..make it make sense…..

  3. Mia is blaming Karen for the attention that her relationship with Jacqueline is receiving when Giselle started it ? Mia knows that Karen got the information from Giselle, she knew Karen was not there when she told Giselle, Robyn, and Charisse about her and Jacqueline. Karen was there for the conversation about Jacqueline and Gordon. Mia was trying for a moment during Karen’s live and she didn’t get it 😒.
    Everyone has a Chris tale and Candice can’t take it. Funny how she has no problem speaking on the others

    1. They are lying on Chris…. didn’t you see EVERY TIME they mentioned Chris doing something…the camera shows him not doing anything,? …..really??!!!

      1. The one flashback of him “staring” at Mia, I don’t think he was staring…. Per the rest of his face, it looked like to me, he was thinking about something.
        I agree the flashback with Ashley’s friend was hilarious! 😛
        I can’t wait to see what Ashley says about it hopefully at the reunion.

    2. Winner, winner!!!! First person to blame Giselle! 😂

      Gizelle did not start it. She saw it, they did a flashback on the show(s). The episode you’re referring too, was Giselle asking Jacqueline her side, for lack of better word(s). The shower incident happened in Miami and Mia and Jacqueline brought it up to the girls in the car and were talking about their relationship first.
      Karen is the one who started the rumor or brought up Peter’s girlfriend as gossip. I believe, if I am not mistaken she also said some in the screen interviews.

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